Enoch, Seventh From Adam

Enoch the father of the long-lived Metuselah
Surely ended his earthly sojourn with a Selah
He lived for three hundred and sixty five years
Each year of his life is a day in our life’s year

He was the seventh generation from Adam
And seven is completion, rest from all bedlam
Thus Enoch was the seal of his epoch and age
A type, an example for the end of this age

A sage he was, for he walked with God
Like the wise men in every age and clime
His life so pleased His Maker in his time
He walked as he surely ought
And then suddenly he was not

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Abel and Seth

Here’s to the tale of  honest Abel
The world’s first humble shepherd
Who received the revelation of propitiation
And offered the blood of his herd

By his brother he was cruelly murdered
The first example of evil hating the truth
Yet his soul’s destiny could not be altered
His blood still speaks against the brute

When you see the false fight the true
As it has been through the gory ages
When each generation has grown to rue
What their forebears did to the righteous sages,
Remember the bell first tolled for Cain and Abel

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Cain’s Notables

When Cain went east of Eden
A marked fugitive he was then
A vagabond to forever roam
Without a place to call home
Yet he lived within God’s protected ken

When you see the evil seek asylum
Trying to escape justice’s tally-sum
Fleeing justice without repenting
You might want to remember
That’s Cain’s pain all over again
For the world’s first fugitive was he

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