Her elegant form approached daintily
He saw her, his dreams became tangible 
Scented flowers fluttered breezily
Wide awake with pulses proudly racing
Adam gave innocence a name: woman
As the not-cursed serpent was subtly pacing
She was his mirror-image, his reflection

The receptacle of the taught Word
The birds sang the hymns of perfection
The sun might have been scorching that day
Or she strolled to the beat of the humming breeze
The sleek interloper was waiting to make hay.
He met her alone, her husband apart
The age of reasoning was born that day
Embryonic unbelief was conceived in her heart
Did the Lord not say that we may?
Faith could not keep hyped doubt at bay
The dam broke, the tide held sway

 Against the flood of sin, rose a standard
From the mother of all living would come a seed
He to save her and bruise the slimy deceiver hard.

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