Cain’s Notables

When Cain went east of Eden
A marked fugitive he was then
A vagabond to forever roam
Without a place to call home
Yet he lived within God’s protected ken

When you see the evil seek asylum
Trying to escape justice’s tally-sum
Fleeing justice without repenting
You might want to remember
That’s Cain’s pain all over again
For the world’s first fugitive was he

Furthermore he built the world’s first city
Named it after his  son-such audacity
When you see a religious, godless civilization
Remember Cain is the father of such duplicity

Lamech, his descendant was the first man
To juggle the trouble of loving two wives
Many in history have played this  game
But the Cainite Lamech should get the fame

‎Jabal, his son loved tents and cattle
Father of the migratory nomads was he
He would pitch for grass wherever it be

Jubal, his brother was a lover of ‎music
Preferred striking chords to chewing ‎cud
Cainite sounds became the new basic
When you hear the unsound music dominate 
Remember the pioneer Jubal, then ruminate

Last of all, then innovator Tubalcain
Maker of machinery, molder of metal
Little wonder his scientist heirs ‎believe not
The lust for science came from the Cainite lot

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