No one can claim to know Noah
As a great and influential man
A farmer he might have  been or a sower
Of good deeds planted by Grace’s plan

The world he lived was filled with violence
Death stalked everywhere posing as pleasure
Imaginations were corrupt without measure
Yet it was a great civilisation-one to treasure

To the mind whose mental map 
Can only converse with a carnal compass
This route would lead to pleasure’s trap

The World of Noah never had it so good
Plenty merriment, drinking and food
Make-believe marriages, welded weddings
Unnatural unions soon yielded strange fledglings

Hybrid hatching brought giants to town 
Great captains of science, men of renown
Spiritually sterile, industrially fertile
A godless utopia, full of gaiety and guile

When wickedness is at its inglorious  zenith
Judgement is at the door to overthrow it
So God searched for a faithful man
And found the humble Noah useful for His plan

He planned to destroy the earth by a deluge
A furious  flood of rain and water so huge
That all living things would perish
Along with all the evil that men cherish

The few that would be saved
Those that would enter the ark
Those that would believe Noah’s message
Would have to ignore prosperity’s lark

Noah built a three-storied ark for a crowd
After decades of preaching he had a family
Only His family agreed to leave the shroud

The soon to be watery shroud of earth
Was too comfortable for the soul-dead
So despite Noah’s pleas about the coming dread
He converted no soul, showing no one cared

It was not the end for the zero dividend
Preacher, he had to endure the scoffer
For seven days after he boarded-no water
A tap at the door ‘Noah why do you suffer?’

One cloud, hand-like,  taxied into position
And more, blossoming and darkening
Icy drops stung the earth with revulsion
Scary truths now chilled the unbelieving

Too late, doom sealed, ark shut
Earth must receive her baptism
First tide-stroke against the ungodly lot

Deluge that drowned the naysayers
Lifted Noah’s few above the judgement
The others became fossilized layers

As it was in the days of patient Noah
So it is now, judgement is looming
Serial marriages sink morals lower
Riotous revelry is rife, soul-consuming
Prophesied signs are manifesting


Flee to the Christ-ark, the blood can still atone
Before the belching fossil-fuelled fire mingles
With torrents of sulphur and brimstone
The end of all flesh has come-its all done

2 thoughts on “Noah

  1. Bunmi April 30, 2015 / 11:30 pm

    WOW! The Lord has indeed given you insight into secrets and mysteries in the deep and intimate knowledge of him. Out of your belly will continually flow Rivers of Living Waters!


  2. MuseNuggets May 2, 2015 / 7:29 pm

    Dear Bunmi, thanks. May God answer our prayers and grant more understanding of His Word.


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