Abram Believed

One day God called a man of Ur
He went out with family and no murmur
God promised him a fair, goodly land
Promised to make of him a merry band

He who became the father of the Jew
Was even of supposed gentile hue
He who by grace began a new race
Was an ordinary man-no righteous ace

Abram believed the improbable
Because he esteemed God redoubtable
He hoped to beget a child in dotage
Relying on a promise given in old age

Righteousness was imputed to him
‎God rewarded his faith as if on a whim
God revalued Abram’s spiritual balance sheet
Because he accounted him worthy of such feat

Abram, heir of this great promise
Wandered in search for a fair city
Whose architect is the God of verity

Trouble loomed on this journey of faith
Abram and nephew bickered over grazing
Rights to pasture and their herds’ fate
Paths parted as Lot ‎chose by sighting

And there was great calm
God came reminding and reassuring
Separation from unbelief is balm
For faith and doubt will forever be striving
The promise is to God’s elect
Not to those they carnally select

One thought on “Abram Believed

  1. Olanrewaju Sunday November 25, 2015 / 11:52 am

    Abraham waited for GOD; He must have been in his day an one called Odd. Abraham endured as seeing Him who was invisible; And the very reason why he remained invincible!


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