Adam whose first being was a spirit
Created both male and female, dual in nature
Created a son of God with dominion to nurture
An earthly paradise to rule now and in the future

A spirit cannot cultivate the earth
Nor woo it and bring its fruits to birth
Adam shall be a spirit robed in dust
God decides, and unveils His sculpture-bust

While Adam roams his paradise
He may freely enjoy the fruits of all
But not the tree of duplicity and artifice
Not heeding this would cause a free-fall

Loneliness plagues this man
God surgically ends his righteous isolation
Eve appears, a mate for the man, from the man
Happy union of God’s will and man’s aspiration

This scene of glorious, perfect bliss
Is punctuated by Satan’s comma, a yes-but
A minor addendum to the command, a narrow miss
Eve seduced by new promises, is rooted to the spot

The narrow miss becomes a million miles chasm
Eve is lost, the wrath of God will surely descend
Adam knowingly joins in Eve’s sin-a saving mechanism
He stoops in the mire, God’s falling wrath to bend

Into hiding they go, until located by Sovereign Grace
God’s wrath is appeased by the provided propitiation
The Second Adam redeems His wife by becoming Her race
A love-filled tale of redemption by condescension.