Jacob:Blessed In Exile

Jacob subtly stole his father’s blessing
That was meant for his elder brother
With Rebekah his mother eagerly conniving
They hatched a trick to shame any other

Isaac’s eyes were dim-he could not see
And so feeling his life’s light ebbing
He decided to bestow a blessing
On Esau, his first son-bringer of venison

Jacob posing as a grizzled, hairy hunter
Cunningly obtained his father’s blessing
Isaac, seeing not, felt him during the encounter
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Easu & Jacob: Election Speaks

Easu and Jacob were the twin sons of Isaac
Yet Rebekah’s womb was their only similarity
Never were twins ‎more dissimilar in disparity

While they were mere fetuses wriggling and struggling
In Rebekah’s womb, she inquired about the strife
God replied that they would fight for life

Two nations were to be birthed in a day
The elder one would serve the younger in a way
For the nation of the younger would be greater
Than the nation which are children of the elder

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Rebekah, A Type Of The Bride

Rebekah was the much-loved wife of Isaac
Yet the story of how she was sought for
Is one for the ages to learn from and take a peek
It brings the story of Church and Christ to the fore

‎Abraham sent his trusted servant Eleazer
To seek a wife for his promised son Isaac
He told obedient Eleazer not to bother
With Canaanites-from them not to seek

God seeking a worthy Bride for His Son,
Has sent His messengers to call elect only
People of His kindred, His flesh and bones
No unbelieving Canaanites-the predestined solely

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Isaac, Seed of Promise

That Isaac was the seed of promise
Is not in doubt, neither should it be
For his arrival defied every logical premise
That it was against the odds is clear to see

Faith prevailed and wrought it’s work
Though not till the flesh hath planted it’s seed
Ishmael came before Isaac-thats fair talk
Seed of the flesh are more and sprout with speed
Remember rebel Cain preceded humble Abel
Think of these things and take heed

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Lot’s Choice

Lot could have written his name in precious gold
He could have been a hero in the eulogies of history told
He failed, in the decisive moments, he was not bold

By accident of destiny and propinquity
He followed Abraham ‘s call-not having heard
The Voice of God , nor received the Word of the Lord
Little wonder he alternately blew hot and cold

Call him lukewarm, product of a strange mixture
Of righteous soul and very weak willpower
Two halves that never make a wholesome whole
Brittle combination that cracked during trial’s hour

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Sarah Laughs Twice

‎A ballad about the Sarah that laughed twice
Would have to begin with the irony of a promise
That she believed more likely than rolling the dice

A proposal was made to the menopausal
A child for an ageing  woman of sixty five
Long past the cycles where embryos thrive

Add to that the sheer audacity and gall
God’s command to leave home and friends
And search for Zion all over the earth’s ball

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Abraham Vindicated

On a very hot day on the plains of Mamre
Abraham sat sentry-like outside his tent
Three men came, walking towards the ‎padre
They moved with the alacrity of the Sent

Abraham halted the march with hospitality
He entreated to wait and enjoy his generousity
He identified one of the three as the Almighty
And presented butter, milk and meat to Divinity

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Abram Waiting & Serving

Many years passed like a rolling stream 
The promise to Abram remained a dream
Abram staggered not at time’s body blows
He remained constant through highs and lows

Near to him in geography and family
Trouble brewed because of a torn treaty
War broke the silence of tribute and amity
Five kings rebelled a‎gainst four
Thinking to prevail with one more

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