Abram Waiting & Serving

Many years passed like a rolling stream 
The promise to Abram remained a dream
Abram staggered not at time’s body blows
He remained constant through highs and lows

Near to him in geography and family
Trouble brewed because of a torn treaty
War broke the silence of tribute and amity
Five kings rebelled a‎gainst four
Thinking to prevail with one more

Sodom’s ‎king and his forlorn four friends
Lost their rumble-twas a sorry gamble
Sodom’s people were captured by fiends
A  forerunner of later military trends

Lot was among them- he joins the plot
Abram was told this by a panting runner
And resolved to save his fallen brother

He mustered men of his household
Brave band of three hundred and eighteen souls
‎Aided by the kind neighbours he told

God gave victory to this fighting force
They pursued, conquered and recovered
Sodomites were recaptured without fuss

Grateful kings rescued from servitude
Offered Abram the victor’s spoils
He declined, lest after the show of gratitude
They boast of enriching him by their toils

The army that saved Sodom from slavery
Was met by the Great Priest and King
Melchisedec, who saluted Abram’s bravery
Who being divinely greater blessed the lesser
And served the first communion to the latter
Abram, who willingly gave Him a tenth of all

This day Abraham’s seed in word and deed
Bring the same fruits without greed
Abram’s name was changed-he became
Father of nations‎-father of all that do same

Same covenant births same rewards
When our battles are done and victory won
When our salvation sorties for fallen brothers
Are over‎ and the defeated tempter is gone
Christ, our Melchisedec will come to greet
He promised bread and wine anew in glory
While we sing of redemption’s story

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