Abraham Vindicated

On a very hot day on the plains of Mamre
Abraham sat sentry-like outside his tent
Three men came, walking towards the ‎padre
They moved with the alacrity of the Sent

Abraham halted the march with hospitality
He entreated to wait and enjoy his generousity
He identified one of the three as the Almighty
And presented butter, milk and meat to Divinity

The Lord and two angels feasted
With their eyes set on their target-Sodom
Meal over, it was time to bless the visited
The Lord repeated His previous promise
And firmly framed it with fertility’s cycle
A timed blessing-bomb  ‎that could not miss

The target, Sarah laughed silently
Behind, in tent where she listened intently
God seeing, hearing nothing but knowing all
Asked His host why Sarah’s heart disbelieved
Yet unbelief would not stop the blessing’s fall

According to the next season of life
Sarah conceived, and in time birthed Isaac
A vindicated confirmation and end to all strife

While blessings fell on faithful  Abraham
Fire and fury fell on sinful, salacious Sodom
Lot lost all possessions except his freedom

Receiving ended twenty five years of believing
God showed He was not slack at delivering
The expected even when all facts are changing
He defied the facts and changed their bodies
Aged and sterile became nubile and fertile

Seed of Abraham await their Promised Son
Jesus Christ to appear after the age is done
We shall be changed-bodies transformed
All will be healed that has been time-deformed
A transition from earthly elect to heavenly host

So faithfully wait, separate from Sodom’s lost
At life’s end, to count rewards not cost.

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