Sarah Laughs Twice

‎A ballad about the Sarah that laughed twice
Would have to begin with the irony of a promise
That she believed more likely than rolling the dice

A proposal was made to the menopausal
A child for an ageing  woman of sixty five
Long past the cycles where embryos thrive

Add to that the sheer audacity and gall
God’s command to leave home and friends
And search for Zion all over the earth’s ball

She followed, not knowing whence she went
Faith obeyed, ignoring fear-tinged amazement
Abraham led, head turned neck whither he went

Days dimmed the promise but not desire
She thought Hagar might be the  source
A detour from trying her faith in the fire
Nay, the promise is Sarah’s, Hagar may aspire

More years passed with life’s clock setting 
But at eighty-nine, at senility’s tent door
God appeared with odds that defy betting 
Announced ‎her conception to a gathering of four

She laughed, silently and mirthlessly
The fires had died, hormone-pools dried
Could sparks be kindled from ancient fantasy?

Elohim was not deterred, though doubt could be inferred
The promise had her name on it by imprimatur
In due time, Sarah had a baby to nurture

Then she laughed again, ashes were kindled
She laughed, at milk veins feeding the heir
To the land were flowing honey never dwindled

Like all mortals she died, interred in Kirjatharba
Her faithfulness would make her laugh hereafter
In heaven-with her daughters who endure scorn
For believing the odd and betting against the odds

Sarah walked the way of the despised few
She, after trial, received her promised son
Same road for Church to meet the Christ-Son

One thought on “Sarah Laughs Twice

  1. Becca June 8, 2015 / 5:53 pm

    Whoop! “Days dimmed the promise but not the desire” Inspiring words indeed! 👏👍


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