Hagar & Ishmael

Sarah had a maid of Egyptian descent
Hagar was her name ‎and her claim to fame
Is strong for she birthed a virile race
Worthy warriors came from this dainty dame

Her conception was fortuitous
Sarah’s doubt prompted the circuitous
Route, Hagar became wife just to bring life
Ishmael was born, the don of generational strife

The signs that the clouds of discord
Were looming on a darkening red horizon
‎Could be seen long before the bulge
Hagar conceived, regarded Sarah with derision
Her aggrieved mistress brought her stay to a conclusion

Expelled, she found refuge in the fountain-rock
A rock that watered her weary body in wilderness
God heard her cry-sent an angel with calming talk
Promised her son greatness but sent her back regardless

Ishmael was the heir for fourteen years
Until Isaac came and then he mocked
The true promised heir to silence his fears

Sarah whose reasoning  created the conundrum
Now crafted a temporary solution of ‎ expulsion
Bond woman and son were to be evicted from
Abraham’s territory by Divine approbation
True seed should be free from warring weed

Again in the wilderness, Hagar and the lad
Thirst-ravaged, ready to succumb to death’s rest
Were saved by the Rock-He provided a water-well
Instead of the final knell, the toll of blessing’s bell

This tale is an allegory of a time-worn story
The seed of flesh are blessed but‎ will not inherit
Only heirs by election will inherit eternal glory

Hagar’s  ‎journey begins from Egyptian bondage
And ends in Mount Sinai’s Arabian pilgrimage
Sarah’s free-born seed are children of Jerusalem

When you see the children of intellectual conception
Flourish in their fight against the faithful
When you see them appear more fruitful
Remember the allegory and be not doleful

4 thoughts on “Hagar & Ishmael

  1. anafricandiva May 27, 2015 / 10:37 am

    I love this; the concept, the rhyme, everything. Keep writing!


  2. Leslie June 11, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    Yes, I’ll definitely work to remember the allegory.


  3. Ifeanyi Odilinye June 11, 2015 / 10:18 pm

    Thanks Leslie. The entire Bible is written in types and shadows. We must always strive to remember.


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