Lot’s Choice

Lot could have written his name in precious gold
He could have been a hero in the eulogies of history told
He failed, in the decisive moments, he was not bold

By accident of destiny and propinquity
He followed Abraham ‘s call-not having heard
The Voice of God , nor received the Word of the Lord
Little wonder he alternately blew hot and cold

Call him lukewarm, product of a strange mixture
Of righteous soul and very weak willpower
Two halves that never make a wholesome whole
Brittle combination that cracked during trial’s hour

He might have stayed with Abraham had he not prospered
Once flocks multiplied access to grazing then sundered
Uncle and nephew parted-Lot headed to pastures new

Lot chose the allure of prosperity and affluence
He chose to abide in the fertile plains of Sodom
He saw not the other half of the confluence
Evil merchandising of souls-strange whoredom

His righteous soul was vexed by the evils
He sought to reform and righteously adjudicate
He bravely laboured at the city’s gate
All to no avail-nothing would postpone judgement’s date
You that wish to reform a system that God doth hate
Learn a lesson, separate before it is too late

God, rich in mercy sent His angels
Who blinded the Sodomites to the Message
Lot again dallies; chooses the plain
When God’s perfect will was the Mountain range

The Mayor of Sodom fled the fire with his family
But the heart of the reformer’s wife was deformed
Too long in sin’s surfeiting and high society
She looked back in pity and then was salt-formed
Equivocation frequently leads to reprobation



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