Isaac, Seed of Promise

That Isaac was the seed of promise
Is not in doubt, neither should it be
For his arrival defied every logical premise
That it was against the odds is clear to see

Faith prevailed and wrought it’s work
Though not till the flesh hath planted it’s seed
Ishmael came before Isaac-thats fair talk
Seed of the flesh are more and sprout with speed
Remember rebel Cain preceded humble Abel
Think of these things and take heed

Yet Isaac was a pre-figure of another seed
For he by his flesh could not bless the earth
Being father of only two nations-Israel and Edom
Lest humanity would suffer blessing’s ‎dearth
There arose the Christ-Seed to ‎bless every kingdom

The natural seed of promise was but a shadow
Of the true Royal, Spiritual Seed in word and deed
We see darkly like through negatives of a photo-feed

The father of Isaac wanted to sacrifice him
Isaac complained not, but he carried the wood
Of his funeral pyre‎ to the mountain rim
‎He laid obediently on the altar while his father stood
To slay before the angel pronounced a stay
Of sacrifice for he was not the Lamb for that day

Christ, Abraham’s Royal Seed was led by His Father
To the mountain of sacrifice called Golgotha
He carried his wooden Cross till He could go no farther
Obediently He lay, there was no stay, He was that Lamb

Isaac went on to greatness being blessed
Yet he died and was gathered with his fathers
Only the Royal Seed could break death’s chain
He was that Provided Lamb for all God’s sons and daughters

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