Rebekah, A Type Of The Bride

Rebekah was the much-loved wife of Isaac
Yet the story of how she was sought for
Is one for the ages to learn from and take a peek
It brings the story of Church and Christ to the fore

‎Abraham sent his trusted servant Eleazer
To seek a wife for his promised son Isaac
He told obedient Eleazer not to bother
With Canaanites-from them not to seek

God seeking a worthy Bride for His Son,
Has sent His messengers to call elect only
People of His kindred, His flesh and bones
No unbelieving Canaanites-the predestined solely

Eleazer swore to his great commission 
And prayed for a sign to identify elect bride
His journey led him to Abraham’s kindred
He and camels were thirsty after a long ride

Eleazer and company waited at the city’s well
The time he spent in parched patience we cannot tell
But we know he arrived at the sound of evening’s knell

The Message to take the Bride to Christ 
Will come at the sunset of man’s ‎day
Rapture begins the last act of earth’s play

The fetching maidens marched out ‎gaily
With elegant water pots to be filled daily
Who was this dust-encrusted stranger?
With a company of missha‎pen animals?
Scorn was the reward for this lone ranger

He asked Rebekah for water, she fulfilled the sign
She pitched for the preacher and his ten camels!
Not mere chance , it was God’s great design

The elect of all ages will have this sacred sign
‎Spiritually identifying the Message of the day
And humbly suffering indignities while they may

Other damsels might have twittered and snickered
At Rebekah’s camel-watering ‎ardour
Camel-watering was for the peasants and blinkered
Yet the camels she watered carried her to the paramour

‎Evening time-elect Church meets Him outside the city’s gate
Bearing Christ’s reproach, pitching for His indignities
She knows she has no continuing city here
She seeks a city safe from judgment’s calamities

Eleazer leads gift-laden Rebekah to Isaac
Isaac meets her in the field and conducts her home
She arrives at even tide-the wedding supper has come

As Isaac met Rebekah in the field on her way
So Christ meets us not on our spherical earthly home
Or in His heavenly throne on that glorious day

But in the air, He descending, we ascending
Taking us aglow with Him to drink the cup anew
In the marriage supper of the Lamb
I pray thee, water the Word, camels or not-always be true

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