Jacob:Blessed In Exile

Jacob subtly stole his father’s blessing
That was meant for his elder brother
With Rebekah his mother eagerly conniving
They hatched a trick to shame any other

Isaac’s eyes were dim-he could not see
And so feeling his life’s light ebbing
He decided to bestow a blessing
On Esau, his first son-bringer of venison

Jacob posing as a grizzled, hairy hunter
Cunningly obtained his father’s blessing
Isaac, seeing not, felt him during the encounter
And pronounced that he would be possessing
Favour and dominion in the ages coming

Jacob impeccably advised by Rebekah fled
Fearing the cross Easu whom he had double-crossed
His mother provided an alibi-she said
He had to leave to seek a wife from kindred

Journeying eastward he went, a blessed fugitive
At night, he made stones a pillow for his weary head
While he slumbered on the open-air bed
Heaven came to him, God allayed his dread
Darkness-defying Grace should inspire you and me
‎As it did the composer of ‘Nearer my God to thee’

‎Jacob awoke and built the altar of Bethel
To the God that protects the elect in peril
He promised to return and pay tithe as well

To the sheep watering well he went
And met the nubile Rachel that was sent
Providence led him safely to his kindred
‎Where he was far from Esau’s dread

While Jacob was with Laban both were blessed
Laban’s flocks grew, Jacob wanted a wife and got two
Cat and mouse they were-Laban played a trick or two

The fugitive had to return to his homeland
Twenty years earlier he had come alone
Now blessed with wives, children and flock
In exile he was never far from God’s throne
Yet a bomb was still ticking so said time’s clock
If Easu were to find him, rage would run amok

2 thoughts on “Jacob:Blessed In Exile

  1. Frankwill June 1, 2015 / 2:27 pm

    Blessed is the Man whom God inputs no iniquity,Some people sin follow them while nature are kind to some. Ask GEJ the Luckiest politician alive in Nigeria-By a single phone call all His political atrocities/Hate campaigns that heated up the policy was written off by even his worst Opponent GMB. That is the PARADOX of life many times.Scriptures cannot be broken. If God says YOUR SINS are forgiven U-Who can hold it against U.Any SIN under the Blood of the Covenant is Forgotten/Forgiven.


    • Ifeanyi Odilinye June 1, 2015 / 3:19 pm

      Yes, the aura of Grace never leaves. It would find you wherever you are. God’s purposes can never be defeated.


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