Jacob: From Pariah To Prince

From Laban his uncle he went
Increased in goods, flock and progeny
Yet around the plains lurked the enemy
Esau whose wrath Rebekah foresaw

Twenty years had not dimmed bitterness
Rage still burned bright like an evil flame
Jacob like a man wanted to play his game
Against an armed band-results would not be same

Jacob divided his flocks and sent them ahead
Would a present pacify patient wrath?
Stored and silently stoked by a peeved brat‎?
Time was scarce, Jacob could do no more than that

Concubines and their children were the next batch
Then Leah and sons, then Rachael and Joseph
The last hostages-should Easu to all pleas be deaf
Finally Jacob who would be no hostage but a serf
If Easu should capture him and lose his killer nerve

Across the the ford of Jabbok the others went
Jacob lingered on the other side for a little longer
God had scheduled an unforgettable encounter
For him alone‎ had he left His glorious throne

Jacob, desperate for help from imminent slaughter
For Easu said they, had four hundred men for that matter
Wrestled with the Stranger‎ throughout the night
And would not let Him go, it was a paradoxical fight

He wanted a blessing that would elevate him
And give him favour before his raging brother
Tussle continued till sun rays began morning hymn
Then God blessed the lesser and took away his bother

His name was changed to Israel, a prince, no more deceiver
A new garment of favour from the Divine Giver
You that say ‘what’s in a name’ read and learn
 ‎His name change brought him to a new ken

His ways pleased God, enemies were at peace with him
Around his circumference, he had peace everywhere
Easu met him in good faith, rage now dim
But not a drop of blood was shared there

Cunning con-man was now a conqueror
The supplanter‎ had been transformed  into a warrior
Fearful fugitive ‎now had the confidence of a native

When the day is darkening
And the odds seem overwhelming
Remember Jacob and call on God
To bless and transform at the dawning

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