Joseph, A Prototype Of Christ – Coda

The Midianite merchants brought Joseph to Egypt
Being ‎bought by Potiphar, Pharaoh’s officer
He was trusted to ‎administer all of his master
Except the wife, ‎for doing so would be disaster

Potipher’s wife lusted after Joseph and tempted
With secret ‎rewards that would destroy Joseph’s purpose
If he ever that act of disloyal wickedness attempted
Joseph declined and she was shame-facedly morose
Daily she pursued, and daily he doggedly refused

Yet she framed him with evidence of his righteousness
A garment obtained in flight from evil’s appearance
Ironic, yet it was God’s plan not happenstance

Satan met Christ alone in the wilderness
And offered secret rewards for destroying purpose
Christ rejected-his conquests would be achieved justly
Pharisees‎ daily tempted, though often with a pious pose
‎They framed Him with evidence of His righteous deity
Statements He made that spoke of Messianic reality

Down to the depressing dungeon Joseph went
A lesser man might have been broken-but he was sent
He fainted not, neither from purpose did he relent

There he met two malefactors, once butler and baker
To the king of Egypt-now sentenced for their crimes
His gift shone, he interpreted their dreams
Prophetic anointing did not leave him in dark times
Baker paid ultimate price, Butler restored to paradise

While Christ suffered, He met two criminals
Sentenced by the state for sundry crimes
The humble one was granted a visa to heaven
The haughty was banished to death’s climes

Then Pharaoh dreamed of a riddle wrapped in mystery
He called his wise men and magicians to interprete
None could reveal, Pharaoh was downbeat
Until the Butler testified of Joseph’s prison feat

Then he was sought after and hurriedly brought
His answer set Egypt’s mighty ‎at naught
He gave the interpretation which was a revelation
Of future times; good and bad harvests for the nation

Who better then to administer the country?
Whose divine gift could save from nature’s lottery?
He was appointed Prime Minister to manage ‎the plenty

Once rejected, now exalted, all were to bow the knee
Man or beast, on land or sea, wherever he be
Chariot runners confessed same about his name

After Christ suffered and preached to souls in prison
He was exalted to the right hand of celestial Majesty
With all powers of earth and heaven-supreme authority
Like in Joseph’s Egypt, all must bow the knee
And every tongue shall ‎herald his power and deity

Joseph now the ruler of Egypt took a wife
Not from his kindred who had his gift rejected
With the Gentiles he began a new family life

Christ too after ascension, takes a bride from the Gentiles
An elect church that shall reign with Him as queen
His old Jewish family seems like a has-been

Purpose shines through for Joseph was sent
To make a way, to preserve life, to keep death at bay
Not for his kindred’s destruction, so they despite dread
Find solace in Egypt’s plenty during famine’s menace
He reveals Himself as their brother and Egypt’s ruler
God sent him ahead, that in scarcity, Israel may find bread

Christ would reveal Himself to Israel again
For to save life, He acted out the script of pain
With His Gentile Wife safely in heaven’s palace
He would ‎reveal that their obduracy was a gain

It led to His Sacrifice, which opened mercy gates
And provided the bread of Life for both races
Saving them from spiritual famine’s deadly fates

5 thoughts on “Joseph, A Prototype Of Christ – Coda

  1. chigozie ihediwa June 16, 2015 / 7:29 am

    Dear Ifeanyi, I find your writings on the typology of Christ in Joseph very insightful and on point!

    Your comparison between the gentile wife of Joseph and the gentile branch of the church was interesting.

    I am glad that thoughts like this are very alive in the heart of intelligent minds in Nigeria.

    keep it up and God bless you!


    • Ifeanyi Odilinye June 18, 2015 / 1:18 am

      Chigozie, thank you very much. The typology of Joseph to Christ is one of the most exciting in the Old Testament.

      I’m glad you loved it. Cheers!


  2. Olutee June 18, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    On point!


  3. Leslie June 29, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    What was meant for evil-God has used…
    Thanks again!


    • Ifeanyi Odilinye July 1, 2015 / 7:10 pm

      Yes. God works in mysterious ways. Even the things we call evil are working out His purpose.


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