Moses: From Prince To Prophet

From the bulrush, Moses went to the palace
Nursed by his mother, the godly Jochebed
Who told him God’s promise-that he was the ace
To deliver Israel and take them to their place

The glorious kingdom that Egypt then ‎was
Led the civilized world ‎in technology and thought
Palaces, treasure cities, sphinxes, all were wrought
Pyramids were so common they counted for naught
Their treatment of the dead was exemplary, not gory
They mummified dead fathers who they once deified

Moses was trained in these arts and then more
God was training His prophet at His enemy’s door
He learnt military skills; killing methods in days of yore

Moses and Ramses, would look out of palace window
And see two sights differing in cause and consequences
All Ramses could see, were slaves toiling below
Moses would tense during the whip-crack sequences
For all he could see was God’s elect suffering

One day seeing an Egyptian oppress a Jew
Inflamed by zeal, he killed the offending Egyptian
Martial arts was not God’s way to deliver the Hebrew
This was one act of passion he would later rue

One day he intervened in a conflict with a different hue
This time two of his Hebrew ‎brethren were tussling
As he preached peace, they taunted about the dead
Egyptian, did he think he could go around bossing?

Moses fled, seeing that he had dangerously erred
If Pharaoh heard of this, he would chop off his head
To the wilderness he went-from prince to pauper
Moses’ might ‎had failed, he could no longer caper

He married Jethro’s ‎ daughter and became a shepherd
A desert tent was a far cry from his palace bed
The lovely Zipporah ‎bore him a son-Gershom
While in Egypt, woes and wailings came to a head

After forty years of living with simple sheep
Moses learnt leadership from nature’s keep
God was ready to use him now-at eighty
Youthful vigour had embraced frailty
Forty years he learnt the arts of human wisdom
God took another forty to reset him for His kingdom

A fiery flame burned in a distant bush
Seemed unnatural for the leaves remained green
God caught Moses attention, he was in no rush
As he turned aside to see, to explore on a whim
God spoke, he was a prophet-the Word had come to him

4 thoughts on “Moses: From Prince To Prophet

  1. Leslie June 18, 2015 / 5:54 pm

    Please keep them coming!


    • Olutee June 18, 2015 / 6:22 pm

      I wonder if the bulrushes of Moses’ childhood had anything to do with why God decided to reveal Himself to him through a burning bush….Nice piece.


      • Ifeanyi Odilinye June 21, 2015 / 3:32 am

        Hmmm…I do not know. More importantly, it was the first appearance of the Supernatural Light later called the Pillar of Fire.


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