Balaam : Balak’s Spiritual Adviser

Balaam was the worthy son of Beor
A prophet who lived in eastern lands
His is a tale of pure means and ends impure
But he loved the Lord, and knew the Word

While Israel sojourned in the wilderness
She was a nation of pilgrims traveling
Wherever the Pillar of Fire was leading
Neighbours dreaded the Divinely led droves
The mighty tread of her feet and hooves

Now Balak was king of the Moabites
The descendants of Lot-cousins
By propinquity and proximity to Israelites
Yet he sought to halt Israel’s march
By a curse to stop the Exodus-dash

Who better to do this than Balaam?
A prophet who had the ear of God
A man who had the anointing of the Lord

Balak sent emissaries to prophet Balaam
Would he come, see and curse Israel?
His reward-freedom from poverty’s alarm

Balaam asked for a stay while he prayed
God spoke: don’t go, cursing’s a no-no
The messengers told Balak-he was dismayed

He sent emissaries with even greater rewards
Promotion awaited if Balaam’s resolve faltered
His did-for he went back to his Maker
For a second opinion on the same matter

God permitted him to go this time
He saddled an ass and headed to the summit
God’s anger was kindled for this crime
Flouting His perfect will at the hint of a permit

Why did the prophet decide to go?
Peter gives a clue-he loved the wages
The stipend of unrighteousness was tempting
This is a temptation that comes to all sages

The ass saved him thrice that day
For an angel was standing in the way
This ass wisely decided to turn away
Balaam smote the ass, she spoke, a soulful poke
For his eyes now saw the avenging angel

Mercy prevailed, he was granted permission
To proceed and speak only by inspiration
Now with Balak, he built seven altars
And offered seven rams and bullocks
He believed in redemption to the rafters
This sacrifice spoke of a Messiah coming later

God spoke again, Israel is forever blessed
No evil enchantment would work against her
Balaam re-echoed the Divine injunction
To the disappointment of Balak’s presumption

Two more times, Balak took Balaam
To vantage points to spy Israel and prophesy
Same results, God’s mind changed not
Balaam went his way, Balak left with a sigh

But the departing Balaam left a maxim
A clever, perverse trick for Balak to employ
John the Revelator says this by inspiration
And in Numbers 25, Balak did this trick deploy

Balaam sowed a seed that later would bloom
Into a tree of folly, damnation and ruin
He propagated a unity of the false and true
Knowing that evil mixed with good yields a dark hue

Israel was trapped into an ecumenical dance
She ate and drank in a pagan feast
Frolic and frivolity laced with fornication’s liquor
An evil, heady brew God would not ignore
He slew them by the thousands at Baalpeor

Balaam knew Israel would never be cursed
If she stayed chaste and true to the Word
So he found a way to get her allured
Seduced to go whoring against her Lord

As the Book of Revelation opines expressly
The spirit of the cunning prophet Balaam
Is still active today, deceiving those in the way
Faithful vigilance is the antidote not bedlam

When you see a preacher greedy for gain
And you see the anointed unite with the state
And seek to fuse the world and Word again
Remember Israel at Baalpeor and flee their fate

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