Joshua: The Warrior-Prophet

Joshua was the great prophet and warrior
That led the children of Israel into the land of favour
Should be no surprise his name means Jehovah-Saviour
Exodus and Possession are two of salvation’s best flavours

The Same God that spoke to Moses met him
Saying “As I was with Moses” promising the same anointing
Will accompany Joshua’s fledging ministry
And that before him all human obstacles would be nothing
God promised him the lifetime feat of never knowing defeat

The route to the land of promise was known
However Jordan loomed before, daunting and unknown
The land was near, but Jordan was in the way

It did not help that God chose to lead His people
Across Jordan in April when water levels were rising
Springtime surges and winter snows melting
Meant swelling waters and bursting riverbanks
God’s decision would have dismayed men in think-tanks

Joshua had been promised possession by footprints
Any place his feet touched was his for the taking
So he instructed the priests to place their feet
In the roaring Jordan-it must have been chilling
For the ark-carrying priests-but soon it was thrilling
God cut off Jordan’s supply, and made it a path to go by

As it happened with Moses at the Red Sea
Israel walked through Jordan on a walled highway
Joshua was thus vindicated for all to see

Then loomed a challenge that had never been seen before
Moses never had to fight a series of land battles to capture
Large tracts of territories, walled cities bristling with armour
Or to fight for many years, on multiple fronts against seven peoples’
Canaanites, Jebusites, Hittites, Hivites, Girgashites, Perizzites and Amorites
Defeat would certainly mean Israel’s funeral rites

At this juncture of valiant hope and fearful conjecture
God provided a morale booster without measure
Joshua was in the plains outside the camp one morning
And he saw an armed man appear without warning

The warrior bravely went to challenge the intruder
Who was he? Was he for Israel or against Israel?
The Man refused to name His side, but gave His title
He was the Captain of the Lord of Hosts’ Army
He had come in Person for the fight like He would do at Calvary
The Pillar of Fire had become a Man to fulfill Israel’s desire
Joshua bowed, with this Captain, Israel would never be cowed

Next stop for the possession campaign was Jericho
It was a walled city, large and well defended
Joshua had no cannon or large artillery to blow
Hollow holes into the large wall so tall
He asked Israel to march on foot round the city
And then blow the trumpet of victorious felicity
True to his word, walls crumbled and they won where they trod

In this glorious land invasion there was a blip or two
A mutineer called Achan disobeyed the general orders
To avoid anything produced in the enemy’s borders
He took a garment of Babylon and derailed the army of Zion.
He was punished and that led to resumption of victorious action
Learn from this to avoid the treachery of fatal distraction

As Israel marched on conquering, neighboring nations recoiled
In fear knowing the end of their existence was near
The Gibeonites faced with the loss of all they held dear,
Hatched a plan to deceive Israel into a non-agression pact
They sent emissaries with mouldy bread and garments worn
To seem as weary travelers coming from a place far and forlorn

Joshua and the other elders believed the ruse
And signed a treaty of perpetual peace and goodwill
It was soon clear that Gibeonites were not who they seemed
For they were wily neighbours not distant visitors
Yet the covenant could not be undone
Israel would have to live with a perpetual thorn
The folly of restituting ill-conceived unions is clear to see
Though the intent be wrong, just let it be

Five kings on Israel’s dreaded invasion list
Hearing of the Gibeonites defection decided on counter-action
They laid siege, to destroy those who made peace by a ploy
Gibeonites outnumbered and beleaguered sent emissaries
This time with a true report of a siege and potential hurt

What would Joshua do to give the Gibeonites their due?
Would he honour the pact or reflect on the treacherous fact?
He decided to fight for them and it was right

God honoured the decision by raining hail stones
The army of five kings suffered air strikes from heavenly drones
More were killed from the air than by Israel’s ground forces

Sun was setting and the battle was still raging
Lest remnants of the enemy in darkness begin regrouping
And on the morrow resume the siege of Gibeon with more daring
Joshua stopped the sun, and halted the earth’s orbit, till he was done
Think it not barmy, even nature was part of this general’s army

Joshua in his lifetime defeated every enemy in sight
Under him, Israel were victorious as long as they were right
Yet he too, as great as he was, came to death’s dark night
But not before imploring Israel to choose wisely
To serve the God of the Exodus who had treated them so kindly

The same choice is before us today
Our Jehovah-Saviour, Jesus has shown us the way
He defeated all enemies including death that eluded Joshua
Make the choice to serve in His army this day
And one day you will be part of His glorious, royal array

3 thoughts on “Joshua: The Warrior-Prophet

  1. Ola Sunday November 4, 2015 / 1:13 pm

    A great post! I love the boldness and courageous quality Joshua possessed. And to crown it all, he had great Faith in the Great Jehovah -Saviour. His exploits of faith attest to this fact.
    I think if the Christian of today will believe God that way, the power of God is still available to accomplish the miraculous – none will be able to stop him / her. Who can stop God?


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