Caleb: Pillar Of Courage

Caleb was the son of Jephunneh of the tribe of Judah
He has little introduction in the books of Moses
But at the end he emerges with the scent of the roses
He was a hero of Israel who stood for the Word
Gallant he was as he put all God’s enemies to the sword

When Israel neared the frontiers of the promised land
God instructed that they send a reconnaissance band
A band of twelve men, one from each tribal ken
They would stealthily enter the land, survey it and report
Whether it was truly blessed as God had promised
Only noble men were chosen, it was a matter of great import

The information gleaned would be useful for the invasion
So the spies had to appraise the people of the land
Were they many or few, did they live in strongholds?
Could they be defeated by Israel and God’s mighty hand?

Caleb was chosen to represent Judah
The twelve entered Canaan and traversed for forty days
Bringing bulging branches of ripe fruit on their way
They came back unmolested, with tidings returning to base

The congregation of Israel waited with bated breath
In the wilderness heat, there was joy at noise of returning feet
It had been a fruitful journey, now was the time for testimony
Ten spies said; land is blessed and fair, the fruit is here to greet
But the land is heavily fortified and peopled by giants
A warlike people defended by walled cities we cannot defeat

Caleb one of the dissenters, tried to calm fraying nerves
For he could sense the faith of the congregation was swaying
His minority opinion was that God could keep His Word
And all the defences against God’s design would be dud
Despite Caleb’s courage, Israel’s faith dropped with a thud

That night, all night under the Light of the Pillar of Fire
Israel wept, seeping the tears of porous unbelief
The Gospel of the Exodus in their hearts had ended thus
Producing a blighted crop, destined to end in the harvest of a leaf
Promise-seed died prematurely lacking faith’s humus

God found in Caleb a different spirit, a heart wholly
Irrigated for the Word to grow and yield a harvest holy
While Israel murmured, moaned and bemoaned
God told Moses to turn back till all the unbelievers were weeded
Only Caleb and Joshua from current crop were needed

Forty five years later, as the new seedlings of Israel
Were fighting faithfully for the land under Joshua
Caleb was now eighty five years old, yet he remained bold
Moses had promised Caleb an inheritance
The land he trod in the espionage mission of the Lord
Was his if he could conquer it by the sword

He was old now, should he not take a bow
And leave the ancient promise for the next generation?
Not Caleb-his faith was neither exhausted nor courage depleted
He reminded Joshua of the promise and asked for his mountain
He knew God would not begin a move He could not sustain

His wish was granted and off he went to conquer
The same mountain he climbed high as a spy
On which was built the great city of Hebron
He prevailed, still believing, from danger he did not fly
He had the courage to thrive in war at eighty five
If you believe same in youth or dotage
Your timeless faith can conquer toil and strife

2 thoughts on “Caleb: Pillar Of Courage

  1. Olutee July 18, 2015 / 7:04 pm

    My favorite part…’In the wilderness heat, there was joy at noise of returning feet…’
    Keep it up!


    • Ifeanyi Odilinye July 20, 2015 / 2:04 pm

      Olutee, glad you liked it. The joy from returning feet was short-lived. The evil report soon surfaced. 🙂


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