Rahab: She Heard, Believed And Acted

Rahab was a woman who lived by Jericho’s wall
She was a prostitute-it was not her only attribute
Because God had ordained that she would contribute
To Israel’s conquest of Jericho in the Promised Land
And so we will join the writer of Hebrews to pay tribute

While Israel marched through the Red Sea on dry land
The news of the miraculous Exodus spread far and wide
Nations trembled at the approach of this band
A people led by a God who saves with a mighty Hand

Jericho heard the news as it traveled across desert sands
Who were these people, what made God choose them?
Answers could not be found, instead more tales profound
Were told of two Amorite kingdoms destroyed by them
Kings Og and Sihon humiliated by the army of Zion
For daring to oppose the wilderness juggernaut
Yet they had no standing army nor weapons of any sort

Soon the gathering storm was closer home
These Israelites were now encamped on the verge of Jordan
Jericho’s intelligence chief peeping from his dome
Might have opined that Israel could never ford the river
He was wrong, Israel marched through without a shiver

To people of Jericho, Israel was now the giant next door
Invasion was certain, question was when and how
The wall provided a mighty shield of hope
Perhaps at this obstacle, invincible Israel would bow

While Jericho’s military pondered, wondered and re-ordered
Her citizens heard, believed and trembled greatly
Except Rahab, she heard, believed and recognized
This as the finger of the God of heaven
She was ready to act, her faith was without leaven

God seeing her desire, made a way for her
Joshua sent two men to spy the walled city
By Divine ordination, that night they lodged in her house
Clients they were not, for they were not flirty

Jericho’s Intelligence services picked up their scent
And traced them to the house they were sent
But she hid them on her roof of flax
And made for their pursuers a tale of wax

When the agents left, she called those she kept
And asked for a recompense of her kindness
That she and hers be saved from the darkness
The sunset of Jericho’s Gentile civilization
Israel was at the gate, nothing was left but annihilation

The spies agreed, but a token must be displayed
A sign of faith and that a covenant had been reached
She was to dangle a scarlet thread on her window
It must be clear and visible or the agreement was breached

Any soul in the scarlet thread house was safe
For when the army of Israel would sweep
Into the city, there would be no ounce of pity
Rivulets of blood would flow and weep
Every soul outside Rahab’s house will perish
While the cause of God and Israel would flourish

As it was agreed, so it was faithfully done
For she that believed and acted, saw a performance
Her covenant was fulfilled, her family saved
She invited them into her house-ark of the last chance

Rahab fulfilled the Scripture spoken many ages later
For she pressed herself into the kingdom of God
And by her valiant deeds entered the kingdom by force
She is a paragon of works and faith, James gives a nod
For works, while in Hebrews, for faith Paul doth applaud

Rahab’s salvation was a compound of physical and spiritual
After her admission into the Commonwealth of Israel
She was spotted by the roving eyes of noble Salmon
Thus she married into the royal blood line of Israel
This Gentile prostitute was a great-great grandmother of David
Whose son in the flesh, Christ the Redeemer was
This is certainly known by all except the blissfully bovid

Flee the coming destruction of this Gentile civilization
Jehovah-Saviour stands at the gate poised to end
The defiance and resistance of unbelief’s reprobation
Solemnly enter into the covenant of His blood
Display the scarlet, blood-red Token of salvation
And when judgement strikes, you will find redemption

6 thoughts on “Rahab: She Heard, Believed And Acted

  1. Rotimi Awosile July 20, 2015 / 11:17 pm

    Nice! Well done Ifeanyi.


  2. Lydia July 22, 2015 / 2:40 pm

    Great inspiration, well written!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CHIGOZIE IHEDIWA June 23, 2019 / 11:30 am

    The way you connect the shadows and types under the old testament to new testament realities is both poetic and full of truth! I always look forward to reading your write ups. God bless you.


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