Gideon: From Latent Valour to Potent Warrior

One day a man was threshing wheat by a winepress
And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him
The man was Gideon, and he was working in oblivion
He could not raise his head for the oppressor’s dread

Israel had sinned against the God they once adored
So He had removed His protective shield from their borders
And sent the Midianites to ravage their coffers
For seven years Israel toiled to sow, while Midian toyed
With their harvests, carting away their labour’s fruits

Then they cried for deliverance from penury
They remembered they had a mighty God
Who had helped their sword to win many battles
God found a man to use, it seemed like a ruse
For he was hiding for fear of Midianites arriving
Lest he lose his entire harvest to the eastern pests

The angel called him a mighty man of valour
Could this be Divine propaganda or faith’s candour
Should the valiant be hiding in fear of the biding of the strong?

The angel gave Gideon a sign while he gave him a poser
If God be with us where are His miracles?
Where is the God who in glorious history
Worked wonders while the world watched in awe
At the unfolding scroll of Israel’s miraculous story

Gideon’s might was soon proved by deeds
God instructed that Baal’s altar be taken down
At night Gideon armed with valour and discretion
Destroyed the ungodly altar, laying a marker for hereafter
When sun rose on the debris caused by Gideon’s hubris
The community wanted to fight for Baal by punishing him
Counsel intervened, if Baal were offended let him defend himself

Gideon asked for two more signs before leading men to war
He placed a fleece on dry ground and asked it be dripping wet
God did it, then he asked in reverse-for dry fleece
On dew-soaked ground, again by the next morning
The fleece was a dry island with wetness all around

Gideon was ready for war, the Midianites were done for
He assembled thirty two thousand men to fight for Israel
God halted the march, he would not work with a large batch
If both armies are near-equal, God’s power would not be clear
In a battle of equals, tactical twists would prove their mettle
God willed to deliver Israel with a mighty Hand not a mighty army

Gideon thus instructed, asked any fearful recruits to leave
Twenty-two thousand departed, the residue was still too much
For the battle to have a miraculous hue, it must be fought by few
Then came the river test, ten thousand went to drink
Only three hundred were chosen for lapping the water
Like alert dogs, while others bowed their knees at the brink

The army of Midian lay in wait-a hundred and thirty five thousand
Armed men, skilled in warfare, this was a mismatch
How would three hundred men overcome them?
Had God scouted the opposition, done His research?

He had-He sent Gideon on a reconnaissance mission
He went near to the enemy’s camp and overhead whispers of fear
The Midianite army were dreaming of defeat and despairing
Gideon knew the battle had been won-for Midianite minds
Had caved in, their bodies would soon flee in fright

Three hundred trumpets sounded and Gideon’s rallying cry
Cue for confused fighting breaking out in enemy’s camp
Friendly fire, nay friendly piercing, stabbing and severing
Midianites turning on each other, tables turned finally
For the oppressors fled and pursued became pursuers
Gideon chased them and smote them to the uttermost
Proving that with the least and fewest God does the most

So in today’s conflict the stakes may high and odds higher
You can still have the great victory you sorely desire
You can prove the God of miracles still lives
When He sees a flicker of genuine faith in your heart
He would manifest Himself, then you are ready for a part
In the never-ending drama of lifting Him out of history

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