Samson: Early Promise

The Philistines were terrorizing Israel again
She had forgotten her Lord and He turned His back
To her merciless mistreatment by men with evil intent
Soon mercy returned and the victims went on the attack

The Angel of the Lord appeared to a barren woman
And assured her that she would bear a child of promise
To be the incubator for this strong deliverer
She must avoid vine’s fruit, fine wine and strong drink
And not be so foolish or mean as to eat unclean food

Strict clauses aid worthy causes for the blessed child
Would be consecrated to God’s purpose from the womb
A Nazarene from birth should not be corrupted by earth’s vices
His was to be a life of godly service from cradle to tomb

The wife of Manoah was puzzled but not muzzled
She told her husband about the Angelic visit
He sought confirmation and prayed for a repeat visitation
God obliged, the Angel visited again as she was in the field alone
She raced away to call Manoah for the message of the hour

The Angel repeated his message to the awestruck duo
Manoah asked for His name and offered a meal
The Stranger demurred, saying it should be a sacrifice to God
Stranger with a secret name then ascended in the sacrificial flame

When the blessed boy was born He was named Samson
And he grew waiting for his time to deliver the Hebrew
He was anointed at times with the Spirit’s powerful brew
As if on cue, soon his life was to take a different hue

The adult Samson went to the Philistine town of Timnath
Seemingly to seek a wife, but it was divinely orchestrated strife
On his way to woo and win her heart for the ‘I do’
He was attacked by a Lion which he killed with bare hands
On his second visit he saw a honey deposit in the lion’s carcass
From the cleft he took some honey left by the bees’ swarm

At the customary feast of marriage, Samson could not resist
Posing the riddle of sweetness in strength to needle his in-laws
They were clueless, could food come from the heartless eater?
Not wanting to lose face and the riddle’s reward
They threatened to burn the house of Samson’s fiancée
If She failed to tell the answer that they might prosper

She seeing the risk of family ruin-begged him profusely
Her tears melted him, but he was not candle wax but magma
For after she told her kinsmen and they won the bet
They merely unleashed a tidal wave of sudden death
Volcano Samson erupted, molten anger sweeping away
All opposition, all battles were not contests but conquests

He slew and spoiled thirty men to pay the debts of the lost bet
When his father-in-law gave his betrothed to another
Samson was riled and resorted to plunder
He despatched three hundred foxes with fire brands in tails
To ravage farms and vineyards, destroying on a large scale

The reeling Philistines then executed their previous threat
They burnt the family house of his betrothed
Samson was not bothered, he responded by killing a few more
He sought opportunities to slay them-for this cause he was anointed

What were the philistines to do to this pesky Samson?
Their sages stroked chins and suggested a siege of Judah
Thinking that Israel will yield Samson to avoid needless slaughter
They were right about Israel’s will to fight but not their might

Samson agreed to be bound with cords of love by his brethren
And was delivered thus to the waiting Philistines
The Philistines gave a battle shout, it soon turned to a rout
The Anointing descended, Samson was divinely apprehended
He took a jawbone and killed a thousand men
So ended the invasion and threat of Philistine domination

He that would be God’s battle axe in this day
Must like Samson walk in the Blessed Nazarene’s way
The Serene One of the New Testament-Jesus Christ
Then more than a conqueror you will be on land or sea

5 thoughts on “Samson: Early Promise

  1. Leslie August 3, 2015 / 12:07 am

    The story of Samson, is truly timeless.
    Thanks again.


    • Samuel August 3, 2015 / 1:13 pm

      @ Ifeanyi another master piece; well-done! Fortunately it has inspired some thoughts & questions. See.

      The story of Samson has always evoked mixed feelings. Some criticise him for over sensuality, stubbornness and recklessness. Some even say he had tendency to suicide and lacked the fore sight to tap into God’s miraculous grace and might, for which he had been a witness and an instrument. God had known Samson and had ordained him for a specific cause even before he was born. How much of his path and journey was orchestrated from above? To what extent does a man have control over his path to destiny? Can man be minded to extend his stay after his call and purpose has been fulfilled? Even if he is so minded, would a request for extension be likely to be granted or futile?

      Perspectives & inspiration on these will be appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ifeanyi Odilinye August 3, 2015 / 9:00 pm

        Thanks for the compliment Sir.

        Wow many questions! I wonder about these too…

        I believe his path was destined from above. We notice that his weaknesses turned out to be great strengths. He had a weakness for women. Yet his greatest miracles came from the effects of his pursuits.

        He actually killed more in death than in life. So we can safely say, his death was to the praise of God. Could he have lived longer? Could he have served better? Only God knows. But it is certain that he fulfilled his purpose.

        A man may be minded to stay for longer than his purpose may allow. He may ride on the coattails of God’s Permissive will like Hezekiah did. However, it would be the worst period of his life. Hezekiah made more grievous mistakes in his last fifteen years than in the earlier part of his life. .


  2. anafricandiva August 3, 2015 / 10:25 pm

    I love how, although God turns His back, “mercy returns…” Currently reading Hosea and I’m amazed all over again at how He makes plans for redemption even as He chastises.

    I love Samuel’s question. It’s one I had for a long time, until I found an answer that gave me peace. I’ve come to believe that a man has several possible futures, and God knows them all. He knows where you will end up if you take road A, B or C. He does have a preferred path- and we are blessed if we follow His plan- but we still have free will, and whichever route we choose, whichever destiny we embrace, He knows the end of it. “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”

    Bro Ify, please correct me if I’m wrong.


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