Samson: Agony and Triumph

Samson’s proclivity for the fairer sex was a fatal flaw
Yet it was the source of his greatest victories
Pleasant paradox of perfect strength in perceived weakness
Showing God can achieve glory from even the debris of character

This strong man then had a jaunty plan to see
A harlot in Gaza, as a Jew he should not have gone that far
Location and intent were wrong, but desire’s pull was strong
While Samson was holed up in the city that night
His enemies lay in wait planning to strike-kill him at first light
Samson sprang a surprise, emerging at midnight not sunrise
The city gates were shut, but the power of God was not

Samson lifted the gates on his shoulders and walked
Away to the hill of Hebron while his enemies vainly stalked
That was Samson at the height of his elemental powers
The hilltop conqueror, the triumphant terror of Philistine warriors

From then his descent was fairly rapid, decent at first
To the low valley of Sorek, he met Delilah who was to wreck
His lifetime commission with Philistine guile and commendation
He fell in love and fell from grace by loving from an unbelieving race

Delilah loved by Samson, loved her nation even more
When the nobles tasked her with asking Samson’s secret
She was discreet and spun a web of love and deceit
Three times she asked, three times Samson gave the wrong answer
Until her accusing tears sapped him of his entire willpower
To continue God’s biding of hiding the Nazarene secret of his power

The fourth time of tempting, his defences came crumbling
He told if his hair was shaven he would be an mere man
Powerless, faithless, void of anointing and therefore useless
Delilah was delighted-while he dozed she executed her plan

As always she baited him; ‘the Philistines are upon thee’
The now-shorn Samson stirred up himself like other times
This time he went alone the anointing was no longer his own
Without the Spirit he could not outwit them-he was captured
The waiting Philistines whisked him away into darkness
They bound him with chains and removed his eyes

Now the Divinely commissioned great avenger of Israel
Samson, the terror of the Philistines was a blind prisoner
Doing unpaid hard labour-grinding grain in silent pain

But the hair of Samson slowly and surely began to grow again
In the midst of the darkness he remembered his calling
His anguish and penitent groaning would not be in vain
For God had a plan to profit from this, soon it was to be plain

The Philistines still basking in triumph called a feast
In honour of their god-Dagon who gave them succour
From Samson and his Spirit fuelled strength and fervour
It was the original A-list, nobles from the greatest to the least
Were invited for a great day of celebration and fun
Day’s fun feature was appearance of Samson the caricature

On that great day thousands of Philistine nobles gathered
Most came with their consorts for a great day of jousting and sport
Euphoria was in the air and the reason was very clear
A loud cheer went up when the fettered Samson appeared

Then they wanted even more fun, they called for Samson
Perhaps asking him to perform a few Jewish gyrations
Or the imitation of a blind beggar, eager for meager help

Samson duly came for sport, for the injury-time goal that would hurt
For the final, championship winning kick of his life’s match
He asked his helper to lead him to the main pillars
He placed his hands, poised in prayer for one last effort
The nobles roared, they were expecting a new act
A new act it was, a never seen before fact

Samson prayed ‘Lord let me die with the Philistines’
His hair was grown, God’s favour was restored
Power pulsated through his hands, he heaved with all his heart
The pillars shook, tottered and collapsed
The audience stuttered in surprise, wondered and died

Thousands were buried under the heap of rubble
Samson death was a triumph, he said ‘just once more Lord’
And he delivered the blow that burst the enemy’s bubble

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