Naomi: Forerunner Of Ruth

There was once a woman of Bethlehem-Judah
Her name was Naomi and her life is a wonderful story
A life dissected with pain, but ends with a hallelujah

Naomi was married to Elimelech and blessed with two sons
The family grew and prospered until the weather faltered
Famine struck the fair land of Bethlehem-judah
The place of God’s bread became a place of scarce dread

Those were trying times, and drying ones too
For the rains ceased and the earth withheld her yield
Soon the barns were empty, farewell to the era of plenty
Pockets then ran dry, no more harvest sales and supply

What would Naomi and Elimelech do?
Should they stay and pray the famine away?
Or flee to wetter climes for refuge till better times?
These are questions each has to ponder and answer
Your attitude in trouble might save you from destiny’s rubble

Yet as we shall see the winding paths of Naomi’s family
Were for our instruction-redemption’s resonant allegory
They decided to leave the house of God’s bread
For that is the meaning of the place called Bethlehem
They migrated to Moab hoping to thrive once they arrived
A merry band four deserting a land now barren and poor

For a while, Naomi’s sojourn was not woe-begone
Food was plenty in the nation of refuge
Her sons, Mahlon and Chilon soon happily married
Moabites-Ruth and Orpah, prospering while they tarried
Dark clouds were looming amidst the sun-lit harvests
For in God’s economy, east or west, promised land is best

Soon Elimelech died, leaving Naomi to face the changing tide
Then her sons died too, bad news had become a flood
Of the migratory four, three were no more, only Naomi
Was left to learn the lessons of life in lukewarm Moab

In ten years she had received three telling and terrible
Blows from time and fate, a trio of lows to test her faith
She decided to end her exile, nothing here was worth her while
She heard from Bethlehem that God had remembered them
The pain of famine was over, there was an abundance of grain

She set out with her loyal daughters in-law
To return to a place no longer famished and forlorn
Three widows travelling to a land only one knows
Naomi the knowing one, halted the march and advised
Orpah and Ruth to return to the country of their roots
They need not follow for she was empty and hollow
No sons as husbands to give, only tales of mutual grief
She had nothing to offer but exile among a strange people

God she said had been unkind; His hand was against her
The tears pooling in her eyes were from Marah
From salty springs of bitter-tinged sadness
All three women wept then Orpah tearfully left
Ruth refused to leave decided to cleave to Naomi

Israel cannot be blessed outside the Promised land
Diversion to Moab is marching out of step with blessings’ band
Moab typifies the halfway house of lukewarm Lot-ites

Yet God was the Director of this bittersweet drama of truth
Naomi, the Jewish church had to fail for elect Ruth
The Gentile church, to be grafted into the Vine
That there be one Vineyard and one Divine Vine Owner
Naomi falls that Ruth may rise for so God redeems all

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