Ruth: Faith & Service

Ruth refused to turn after Orpah had departed
She had ample reason to-for a precedent had been set
But she was dogged, resolute and as gritty as a nut
Case, for who would abandon her country to face
Living with strangers and an even stranger God
From a free-born citizen to a refugee, a thorn
In a garden of Israelites or an object of scorn

Ruth is a type of the true believer who would sever
Ties with unbelief’s country and migrate to a new faith
Among a strange people, moving by faith, not minding fate

Ruth and Naomi approached the hilly terrain of Bethlehem
Ruth was hoping and trusting, Naomi was ruing and sighing
People came to greet the travellers with dusty feet
Some wondered if it this could be the same Naomi
Naomi means pleasant, so she renamed herself in an instant
Call me Mara or bitterness, for God has afflicted me without tenderness

The church of Israel once pleasant in God’s eyes
Fell and lost her inheritance, this was no happenstance
For her loss of sight brought light to the darkened Gentiles

They arrived at the time of barley and wheat harvests
Ruth decided to glean in the harvesting fields
She was seeking for grace as by inheritance she had no place
Feeding from the fruit of these fertile fields
Though the law stipulated that harvesters must not cream all yields
It was written for aid of Jewish paupers not Gentile interlopers

The Gentile church by law had no place
In the fields of Divine salvation, no chance by inheritance
Yet she finds grace in Israel’s Commonwealth
Having left her people and god to follow the people of the Word

Ruth returns home with the fruit of her day’s work
The quantity of her bounty went against the grain
For a gleaner, her take should be lower and meaner
But Grace had led her to the field of bounteous Boaz
Who ordered the reapers to intentionally leave
Handfuls of grain for the gleaner coming after to harvest
Ruth did not know this, but grace was working for her bliss

So the Lord of the harvest today has left Pentecostal blessings
Intentionally, for the elect Gentile church in the last day
The harvest is two thousand years gone, gleaning seems forlorn
But she stumbles on gushers of grain on her way
And with each spiritual delight receives strength to press on

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