Boaz: The Willing Kinsman

Boaz was a wealthy kinsman of Elimelech
A native of Bethlehem, son of Salmon and Rahab
This son of a saved stranger was soon be the leading light
In the fight to right the wrongs of Naomi’s perilous plight

Naomi and Ruth had arrived Bethlehem bereft and bankrupt
Naomi had lost her estate, she and Ruth deserved a peasant’s fate
Would they forever lean for support on the right to glean?

Naomi wanted far better for her Gentile daughter
She must have rest, a living space in this land of the blessed
She directed her to the feet of Boaz to meet and greet
And perhaps find favour to provide a lasting succour

So the Gentile church to be part of the Israel of God
Have to come to the feet of Christ the Redeemer
We have to meet Him at Calvary and there
Wait for Him to make our burdens light and woes fair

Boaz discovered Ruth at his feet and was happy to cover
Her with his garment of protection foreshadowing redemption
So Christ gives His robe of redemptive righteousness
To the willing believer that accepts His power to deliver

Boaz praised Ruth for not going after younger men
Rich or poor, she could have had suitors by the score
So the church follows the old rugged cross
And counts the new fads of worldliness as mere dross

Boaz appraised Ruth as virtuous and worthy of redemption
But by Israel’s laws the redeemer must be the nearest kinsman
He could not progress without letting the nearer man confess
His interest or the lack it, in the redemption of the Moabite woman

Ruth with cadences of rising hope told Naomi of her encounter
With Boaz and showed the brimming measures of barley
Fruits of the harvest freely given by Grace’s bequest
Naomi opined that Boaz would not rest until the matter was settled
So Christ rests not, continually interceding
Till all the estate of the church is saved from perdition’s fate

To be a redeemer of lost inheritance in Israel
You must be worthy by wealth and capability
A gallant peasant though pleasant fails this test of ability
Boaz was worthy, a fact attested to by his community
Christ too is a worthy Redeemer, the heavenly assembly
Sing of His worthiness in Revelations-which echoes in all nations

The ancient laws instituted by God specify too
That any redemption must be publicized, no secret Santa
In salvation’s matter for Grace is served on a public platter

Boaz had to call an assembly at the city’s gate
In the presence of the elders, he asked the nearer kinsman
If he would redeem Naomi’s fallen inheritance
He agreed until he discovered the package includes the woman
She could dilute his inheritance denying his progeny a chance
For he would have to breed a new redeemed race of grace

When Adam fell, he lost the title-deed as the heir of earth
He became a creature of fear, drought and dearth
Salvation was scarcely seen, redemption was a has-been
Man was now conceived in sin, flushed with evil DNA within
In this realm of iniquitous bloodlines, his near kinsman was Satan

Satan would dare not redeem fallen man
For it would mar his own wicked and sinful estate
How would he raise a generation of praise
To rise from perdition like Ruth and righteously erase
His kingdom and legacy of deceit and duplicity?

Boaz had to step forward for the next kinsman had demurred
He proclaimed he would redeem Naomi’s lost estate
He plucked his shoe and made a public show
Before all the elders and the unwilling kinsman
By this he had redeemed Naomi and Ruth
To get Ruth, you must first redeem Naomi in truth

Christ crossed a mighty chasm that He might end sin’s spasm
He, God of all became Man and made public show of victory
On the Cross, and His Resurrection showed who was the Boss
All of nature, angels and mankind were witnesses
Of how He led captivity captive and forgave trespasses

To obtain the Gentile bride, he had to redeem the Jew
He left His host and came to the lost sheep of Israel
And since the fall, the order of redemption’s roll call
Is the Jew first and then the pick of the Greek-Gentiles
Naomi first, elect Ruth next is the formula for faith-fest

Boaz having completed the worthy work of redemption
Married Ruth the object of his love, the theme of his project
And when the last ransomed member of the Gentile bride
Is in the Christ-ark, ready to embark on the voyage
Then Christ will summon us to the uncommon marriage of the Lamb
The holy and eternal union of Redeemer and elected redeemed

The story of Boaz, Naomi and Ruth is an allegory
A shadow-cameo of Christ, Israel and the elect Church
It is our choice to be Ruth or Orpah, to gladly suffer
Indignity of identifying with the Word or the world’s judgement
She that follows truth may be regarded as a foolish brute
But stand tall, reject all unbelief and be a spiritual Ruth

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