Hannah: Sows In Shiloh, Reaps In Ramah

The woman from Ramah was praying in silent anguish
Tears flowed down rapidly at first then slowed
Around her lips, grounded by a wordy stream
From her heart that poured out from the body part
Called the mouth in noiseless, rippling prayer

Eli the priest was seated in the Shiloh Tabernacle
Diligent at his duty post as the keeper of Divine Oracles
He saw the woman mouthing inaudible nothings
What! Another phoney first from the Hophni generation?
A drunken reveler babbling in the place of consecration?

He approached Hannah with a sarcastic admonition
Hannah did not erupt at the false accusation
She demurred and explained her childless situation
For her humility Eli blessed her with supernatural possibility

What would you do, if praying in sobriety of sorrowful sincerity
You are falsely accused of drunkenness and immodesty
By a man of God who should have discerning ability
Would you flare up like gas escaping a heated vent
Or spew bitter bile for a while like an angry volcano?
If you do, your resentment might prevent the miracle

Childless she was, not godless and thoughtless
She had been married to Elkanah for many years
And with the passage of time he thought of her no less
Nonetheless he had another wife named Peninnah
God smiled on her, He seemed to bless the lesser
Woman, for she was forever Hannah’s homely tempter

Every year the pious Elkanah took his family to Shiloh
After the sacrifice, he would give his family meat portions
The largest for Hannah-for her unborn generations
Hannah was not satisfied with the appearance of human equity
She wanted a manifestation of Divinely inspired fecundity
And so for fruitfulness, she pledged her first fruits
Her son, if God would grant her one, would be God’s
Once he was born and his weaning from milk was done

God heard the vow and gave his hungry daughter bread
Her desire was granted and she birthed a son
And named him Samuel for truly God had heard her dread

After she weaned Samuel, the vow was due
Should she proceed to give up her only son?
Prudence would counsel that after years of painful patience
Losing the fruit of your long-suffering is foolish consequence

Hannah shrugged off the familiar gnawing doubts
And returned to Shiloh with her sheaves of harvest
She had previously come weeping, now was for rejoicing
She consecrated Samuel to the Lord that gave him to her
A gift that is better kept with the Giver not the receiver

She that prayed silently now burst into song
She sang an eulogy in prayer to God the situation Changer
To Him who by might turned her night to daylight

Hannah like any other human, could not out-give God
She gave God one child, He gave her five more
A five-fold harvest of seed, for He saw her need
Hannah had three sons and two daughters
Now a Mama in Ramah, no longer object of barren laughter

If you are in the dunghill of failure and contempt
Believe God can lift you up from the valley low
To a blessed sunlit plain of happiness and content
Faithful tears planted, are like deferred joys implanted
In faith’s womb, to be birthed at the time of reaping
The reward for diligent seekers cannot be supplanted

2 thoughts on “Hannah: Sows In Shiloh, Reaps In Ramah

  1. Mify August 27, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    Lessons :
    Vow paying is the best thing to do, if you have vow for one.
    Keep not silent when you are in need or trouble.
    Be patient and wait for Him.
    Thanks brother. I got so much from here.


    • samuel August 27, 2015 / 8:09 pm

      Ask and ye shall receive seek and ye shall find knock it shall be open unto you. The master never fails to keep his promise to his needy children


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