Samuel’s Revival

One day the child-prophet heard God’s voice
It came as he began to sleep and stars started to peep
He thought it was the call of Eli who was the only one nigh
Thrice he went, by the third Eli realized the call was from on high
And told him to reverently respond for it was God’s voice

The voice of God was scarce in those days
Visions were few and there was no major prophet to rue
The evil deeds of people or minister to their spiritual needs
The merciful God gave that age a guiding light
Samuel was called to save Israel from her blind plight

He grew and flourished in the prophetic ministry
Teaching the laws of God and judging matters with the Word
He was a circuit preacher, toiling for God-not to be richer
His annual prophetic tour was to four cities in Israel
Samuel’s court was sought after in Bethel, Gilgal, Mizpeh and Ramah

Israel ardour for God had waned since Eli’s sons had gained
From their office and made Israel revile the ordinance of sacrifice
But Samuel’s ministry had birthed a revival in the midst of upheaval
Israel was in mourning for sin midst scenes of philistine oppression
Would God forgive them, and would He relieve their burdens?

Samuel said deliverance would only come with true repentance
If they returned to God, destroying all worthless idols
God will provide relief from the grief of philistine domination

The nation was saved that day as every man put away his idol
All of Israel led by Samuel dedicated a day to fast and pray
The Lord heard them and turned His furious judgement away

Philistines heard of the assembly and thought it was a mutiny
They despatched troops to fight the unarmed congregation
It was poor timing for them as judgement’s wheels were turning
As danger approached, Israel pleaded the atonement
On their behalf Samuel was praying, pleading and sacrificing

It was a different battle now, Israel was in God’s perfect will
Led by a vindicated prophet and now behind a divine parapet
God sent nature’s elemental bomb-terrifying thunder
The Philistine army was dismayed and discomfited by the wonder

This is the heritage of the age that believes the sent prophet
Revival, peace, protection and the assurance of Divine visitation
Alas this age of Laodecia prefers the lucre of mediocrity
They prefer the sons Eli to a prophet that tells truth on the fly

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