Saul’s Ascension

The son of Kish was selected to be the king of Israel
He was to be the first monarch and he towered over the rest
Head and shoulders above in height, a giant from a family slight
In fame and reckoning-for he was only a Benjaminite

Saul’s father lost his asses and sent Saul and servants to find them
For days they travelled through twisting turns and winding ways
And found them not-all their striving was for naught
Then they decided to inquire from the prophet
It was Israel’s custom-the ‘hard to fathom’ was referred
To Samuel, the mighty seer that had the ear of God

God was working on other side of the line too
He told Samuel to expect to see the man to be anointed King
And told him his mission and the tidings he would bring

Saul feasted with Samuel that day and the next
The prophet told him the lost asses had been found
But better still, he was the express will of Israel
The king to lead them like the nations all around

God’s compass by the quest for lost asses had led
Tall Saul to his unknown destiny as Israel’s king
God works His will through the mundane and the profane
A sad turn in your life may be a glorious point of no return

His anointing as Captain of God’s inheritance was not happenstance
He was given two signs to vindicate the royal commission
On his way home he would meet three men who would greet
Him with two loaves of bread-this happened as Samuel said
Still journeying, he would meet a company of prophets
And their anointing would make him begin prophesying
Thus inspiring the saying-Is Saul also among the prophets?

Despite God’s ire at Samuel’s rejection He gave Israel her desire
His stretched the tent of His permissive will to fit their rebellious bill
These mercies of His that turn ill to good in our lives surely endure still

One thought on “Saul’s Ascension

  1. Frankwill September 21, 2015 / 10:52 am

    Man is ever limited to what his eye can see. How can you convince a lady not to marry the Handsome man her eye is beholding when in the real inside of this man is a wolf. Until she is used and dropped/divorced she cannot know the reality that all that glitters is not gold. Like you know history always repeat itself all over the place.May God Help the Elect not to always depend on things that are seen which never endures into Eternity. May we all Hold to God’s unchanging hands


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