David Anointed

After Saul’s debacle when he stumbled at presumption’s obstacle
God rejected him as king and found another under his wing
A man whose heart will follow Him like a hart panting for water

God told Samuel to go to the house of Jesse and anoint a king
Samuel feared for his life, if Saul discovered-this would be treasonable strife
God gave him an artifice-for an alibi he called for a sacrifice
And invited Jesse’s sons to discover the one to be anointed
The new king-elect of Israel for he will wait till Saul’s crown falls down

When Samuel approached Bethlehem, townsmen trembled
Such was the aura of prophets, had he come to bless or curse?
Was there sin in the camp that would bring judgement, ruin and loss?

Samuel clarified his mission by announcing the sacrificial diversion
Jesse had eight sons, seven were at the feast, excluding the least
Who was tending sheep-a nice occupation for he that would keep
God’s heritage and rule them well till his dotage

God had told Samuel the new king would be an offspring of Jesse
So one by one they passed by Samuel in the order in which they were born
Eliab the first son was tall and had a royal, commanding stature
So Samuel thought but God demurred-looking at the heart, the inward part
On and on the sons passed, dashing and good-looking, God approved none

A bemused Samuel had to ask Jesse if any other son existed
Yes was the answer, but at this hour he was keeping his father’s flock
Samuel said to call him for he was the man of the moment
David appeared with the ruddy complexion of a rugged outdoors-man
God told Samuel in that instant, that he was the royal one
The waiting was done, the horn of anointing oil was poured

God chose the least regarded to fulfill the plan He intended
For He purposed to bring His great Shepherd-Son from David’s line
A symmetry of similar beginnings and endings
For first king of the House of David was a humble shepherd
So the last eternal King of the House of David was a lowly shepherd
One who died to keep His sheep from the prowling pinchbeck lion
And the growling of bearish death, to give them all a home in Zion

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