David: Minstrel & Warrior

‎The newly anointed King had to wait for his appointed time
Saul was still alive so by treason he could not thrive
But soon the opportunity for elevation came by God’s ordination

The hand of God had turned away from Saul and great was his fall
He once prophesied but now demons visited his heart to reside
He was trapped in a moody delirium, a melancholy malady
His servants opined that a musical melody will restore mental harmony

The search was on for a minstrel whose fingers could play very well
They found David, the newly minted anointed King
David played the harp, the stringed sound unseated unsound spirit
Showing that God can heal by the medicine of inspired music

David stayed and played in the court till duty called him back to sheep
Feeding, fostering and nurturing his father’s flock in Judea’s hilly rocks
While he remained backstage, Israel went to war and Goliath raged
No man dared to challenge, so the infidel was on a taunting rampage

Soon Jesse sent David with provisions for his brothers
He arrived at the garrison in time for the gruff bully’s daily bluff
The giant wanted to fight believing that might would rightly win the fight
The army of Israel believed the claim, they were transfixed with fright

David was outraged that the philistine could defy God’s heritage
He offered to fight for Israel knowing that he was destined to win
Saul appreciated his bravery and offered his personal armour
It was a mark of honour but one that ended in doubtful humour
David tried the over-sized kit and found it was not a true fit
It was ill-suited in two ways, first in size and then in faith’s eyes
For David’s weapons were not of carnal strength and might
When sheep were attacked by wild beasts, armour won not the fight

He relied on his experience and the giant fell
Soon his deeds because the tales the ballads tell
For the daughters of Israel sang that he slew tens of thousands
While Saul only killed his foes in mere thousands

Thus began the bitterness of Saul towards David
For he felt upstaged by this new-fabled upstart
But David’s rise was because he had a God-loving heart
Destined for the throne, yet in his ascent tribulations would play a part

2 thoughts on “David: Minstrel & Warrior

  1. Leslie October 20, 2015 / 6:23 pm

    Awesome !!


  2. Bro Ola Sunday November 2, 2015 / 4:55 pm

    Thanks for this post. None else could have won the so much desired victory, not when the host of Israel were crippled with fear. They chose to walk by sight(the intimidating stature of Goliath) rather than looking at the Unseen.


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