David: Perils-In-Waiting

David’s rising light could not shine bright in Saul’s court
Blighted jealousy sought to douse his fame and flame
Saul was certain God had turned from him, it was disconcerting
Worse still, letting David live would be cowardly disinheriting
His seed-the house of Saul would fall after one generation

David had to flee, aided by the loyal and disinterested Jonathan
Who cared not for spoils of succession knowing its God’s concession
To give, and so did not grieve or fuss at his family’s future loss

David became a fugitive, an anointed king fleeing from the law
The chosen of God rejected, exiled to become a mere outlaw
Marvel not then if the elect of today are rejected and cast off
Excluded from high society by evil envy of their spiritual propriety
When the Son of David comes, you will see their claim is no bluff

David then, was content to be the king of the malcontents
His temporary palace was the cave of Adullam-the home of bedlam
For all distressed persons, bankrupt debtors and societal rejects
Flocked to him, he became their leader, and they his subjects
A lesser man might have been crushed by the bitter irony
Was he anointed to lead the miscellany of infamy?

Matters got worse for Saul would not let the fugitive gather moss
He pursued him with thousands of men deep into the wilderness ken
He knew his dynasty was not secure as long as David lived next door

So Satan hunts the christian today knowing his stand in the way
That’s narrow guarantees Satan’s defeat on judgement’s tomorrow
Your salvation is the evidence of his failure and eventual perdition

Twice David had the chance to kill Saul, twice he balked
Twice the mouse ambushed the cat in their hide and seek duel
David would not kill the Lord’s anointed, he would wait for the time appointed

Never hurry your divine destiny or you could land in a wrong destination
The wheels of predestination will turn until the time of ripe manifestation
Be patient in perils of the way, for thrills await those who endure

Saul’s abiding envy heated by hate soon made Israel too hot to hide in
David had to flee to the Philistines’ land lest he face treason’s hiding
It was safer to be a refugee roaming free in the enemy’s lea

Thereabouts he was till the death of Saul-in exile from his domain
Yet he never despaired of his faith or cursed his cruel fate
He suffered long, doubted his doubts and did from fear abstain

The church is in exile from her prepared place among an unbelieving race
Yet she bears her indignities with grace for they are but fleeting vanities
And waits with rising hope for the Son of David’s glorious manifestation

One thought on “David: Perils-In-Waiting

  1. Leslie October 27, 2015 / 8:51 pm

    Preach brother!


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