Queen Of Sheba

What makes the tale of the queen of Sheba resonate forever?
For in the Scriptural record she barely merits a chapter
Why then would her life matter to people of the hereafter?

It does-for Christ used her as a benchmark for His generation
An eternal rule that would apply to every epoch and nation
Her uncommon attitude to the Gift that was in Solomon
Is the same we must have to Christ who is Greater than Solomon

She may have been the Queen of Ethiopia or Yemen as some assert
From both regions Israel is a long way off via the desert
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Solomon: Whose Glory Was A Shadow

After David’s death his throne fell to an unlikely heir
Not his eldest son, Adonijah who had the usurper’s air
Adonijah had the ear of many royal advisers who for him plotted
But it was thwarted and to Solomon the throne was bequeathed


When the Son of David was born in little, forlorn Bethlehem
He was the unlikely heir to the kingdom of earth and heaven
The great men of the day in many a way
Preferred Caesar and Caiphas-the Adonijahs to the lowly Messiah
Despite apathy the Son of David rode in triumphantly
Foreshadowing His coming kingdom-now looming large

Solomon asked God for wisdom to rule and lead
For the gifts of aggrandisement and avarice he did not plead
He asked not for prosperity or long life which were his needs
God granted his request and did more than his behest
He showered him with more gifts-riches and honour
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David: The Great King

From Jerusalem, David now reigned and all Israel obeyed
All Israel’s neighbours were conquered,by this great warrior
They brought tribute to him, all strangers submitted without a hoot
So Christ at His coming conquers all-those that oppose shall fall
And all outside New Jerusalem’s gate bring tribute to avoid sorry fate
David blessed with peace and victory desired to make history 
He wanted to build a temple for God whose ark dwelled in a humble tent 
This was his true intent and no feint of cunning policy
God halted him for his son would build the sanctuary 
David lost the honour he sought because he fought many wars
And God had decreed the temple would be built by a prince of peace

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David: End Of The Beginning

The timing of David’s ascension to the throne
Was unexpected for Saul died in battle by his own
Sword and accord, along with his sons, similar-fated peas in a pod
The battle with the Philistines at Mount Gilboa was a bridge too far

An Amalekite informant hoping to curry favour came flying a kite
He claimed to have killed Saul, a tall tale that led to his fall
David ordered his execution-not knowing it was a false supposition

Many centuries later the Son of David enunciated same principle
That by our own words shall we justified or vilified
Then be careful what you say for it can make or mar your day
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