David: End Of The Beginning

The timing of David’s ascension to the throne
Was unexpected for Saul died in battle by his own
Sword and accord, along with his sons, similar-fated peas in a pod
The battle with the Philistines at Mount Gilboa was a bridge too far

An Amalekite informant hoping to curry favour came flying a kite
He claimed to have killed Saul, a tall tale that led to his fall
David ordered his execution-not knowing it was a false supposition

Many centuries later the Son of David enunciated same principle
That by our own words shall we justified or vilified
Then be careful what you say for it can make or mar your day

David lamented Saul and Jonathan’s death even though it was a birth
The dawn of his kingdom had come but the new don was mournful
Not for him the gloating that comes from hatred’s loathing
When the tide turns for you as it will-ride not on the crest of ill-will
With oars of victorious goodwill row towards the shore-for so God wills

David by Divine unction went to Hebron of Judah
There he was crowned king of his loyal tribe
The rest of Israel remained loyal to the rump of Saul’s house
David knew he was heir to all and so would neither blight nor bribe
To become king of all Israel but wait for his date at destiny’s gate

The Son of David rules today over His own tribe wholly and only
His tribe is His elect who share His perfect DNA which is the Word
Christ is heir to all-He is Stone that crushes big and small
But today all but the elect tribe are loyal to the bruised House of Satan

David reigned as king over his Judah for seven and half years
In that time war raged between the house of David and the house of Saul
The former grew from strength to mightier strength
The latter become weaker except in malevolent intent

The house of Saul eventually imploded and great was the fall
David was finally invited to take his rightful crown
Against his coronation there was not a shadow of a frown
From Hebron to Jerusalem he went which for us is a great portent

For Christ the King of His church will do much more
The mighty conflict between the two kingdoms is on today
But Christ has appointed a time to subdue all and obtain His due

From the Hebron-hearth of fraternal hearts
He rules over a spiritual kingdom of many interrelated parts
But He will move His Throne to the New Jerusalem
When He has conquered death and devils-it and them

Let your heart be His Hebron-cradle today
Choose to be one of His tribe and be infused with His Word-DNA
Then you will be in His train when He takes His throne
In the New Jerusalem when all kingdoms have become His Own

2 thoughts on “David: End Of The Beginning

  1. Olanrewaju Sunday November 11, 2015 / 8:42 am

    Lovely! David possessed certain qualities that could only be traceable or attributed to God. David was a warrior, but though Saul had sold himself an arch enemy to him, he would never lay his hands on him!No he won’t avenge himself! David mourned & lamented the death of Saul & Jonathan, rather than rejoicing!!! Any wonder then of God’s testimony about David?


  2. femimath February 20, 2016 / 7:53 pm

    speak on.dont relent.minister on.God bless you.


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