David: The Great King

From Jerusalem, David now reigned and all Israel obeyed
All Israel’s neighbours were conquered,by this great warrior
They brought tribute to him, all strangers submitted without a hoot
So Christ at His coming conquers all-those that oppose shall fall
And all outside New Jerusalem’s gate bring tribute to avoid sorry fate
David blessed with peace and victory desired to make history 
He wanted to build a temple for God whose ark dwelled in a humble tent 
This was his true intent and no feint of cunning policy
God halted him for his son would build the sanctuary 
David lost the honour he sought because he fought many wars
And God had decreed the temple would be built by a prince of peace

The true temple of God and the eternal city will be unveiled 
By the Prince of Peace once His golden reign begins
The Son of David will be the temple and light for His citizens 
David never forgot his humble origins or friends 
He had encountered along the twisting way to the throne 
He brought Jonathan’s seed to feed in their hour of need
Thus those who stand up for Christ while His kingdom awaits
Will with Him eat and drink on eternity’s sunny brink
He never forgets kindness for His memory is faultless 
David as a king was one day rejected and reviled by his own 
His son led a revolt aided by his counselor-usurping his throne
David left his royal city weeping-after the dejection of ejection
Christ, centuries later came to His own as the Messiah-King 
He was spurned and shunned because His doctrines stung 
Thus being rejected, over His city he wept dejected
For always desolation follows the ejection of the Lord’s anointed
The great king David was not without weakness or fault 
Yet being righteous his steps were ordered even in default 
His great mistake was taking Uriah’s life to snatch his wife 
Yet such an inauspicious liaison produced Solomon the elect-son
Vindicating Scripture that all things work together for good
Whether it be good or ill, God can make it fit the bill
Our unintentional missteps too maybe part of the plan
For He cannot prove He is a Saviour unless He saves a fallen man

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