Solomon: Whose Glory Was A Shadow

After David’s death his throne fell to an unlikely heir
Not his eldest son, Adonijah who had the usurper’s air
Adonijah had the ear of many royal advisers who for him plotted
But it was thwarted and to Solomon the throne was bequeathed


When the Son of David was born in little, forlorn Bethlehem
He was the unlikely heir to the kingdom of earth and heaven
The great men of the day in many a way
Preferred Caesar and Caiphas-the Adonijahs to the lowly Messiah
Despite apathy the Son of David rode in triumphantly
Foreshadowing His coming kingdom-now looming large

Solomon asked God for wisdom to rule and lead
For the gifts of aggrandisement and avarice he did not plead
He asked not for prosperity or long life which were his needs
God granted his request and did more than his behest
He showered him with more gifts-riches and honour
Since his reign no king has been greater and that is plain

Christ was anointed with the oil of gladness more than His fellows
He is above all and stands tall-none before or after Him can equal
For putting our need before greed and pain before gain
God has given Him the noblest Name with the greatest fame
So that in the aeons of eternity He will remain the greatest royalty

Solomon’s gift of wisdom was spiritual discernment
He knew by revelation the thoughts of petitioners
He could thus decide cases that would have bemused many sages

Christ being the Word was a discerner
Knowing the intents of the heart, He was not fooled by the outward part
Thus the hard questions of the Jews He solved without any clues
In Solomon’s reign, gold was common enough to be profane
Throughout his reign, his kingdom of Israel was at peace
It was forty years of plentiful serenity and purring prosperity

When the Son of David-Christ begins His millennial reign
There would be an end of life-ending strife and peace would bloom
The Desert would blossom like a rose and gold would not be worth a pose
For a thousand years not forty as the shadow pales to the perfect reality

God promised David that his seed will sit on his throne forever
But Solomon and all his sons were born like men and died like mortals
Yet an eternal kingdom cannot be headed by men that fall to dust
So God had to raise an eternal King, who by the power of an endless life
Will sit on David’s throne forever and vanquish all strife
Christ is that royal Seed-beside His spendour Solomon is clearly inferior

2 thoughts on “Solomon: Whose Glory Was A Shadow

  1. Ola Sunday December 3, 2015 / 5:16 pm

    God bless you brother! In the words of the prophet, I feel religious reading these truths. There’s a yearning in my soul when partial realization will give way to perfect realization.


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