Queen Of Sheba

What makes the tale of the queen of Sheba resonate forever?
For in the Scriptural record she barely merits a chapter
Why then would her life matter to people of the hereafter?

It does-for Christ used her as a benchmark for His generation
An eternal rule that would apply to every epoch and nation
Her uncommon attitude to the Gift that was in Solomon
Is the same we must have to Christ who is Greater than Solomon

She may have been the Queen of Ethiopia or Yemen as some assert
From both regions Israel is a long way off via the desert

The queen of Sheba must have been an idolatrous pagan
Worshipping like her kith and kin the deities within her nation
News filtered through of wisdom from a faraway kingdom
Grapevine told of discernment so uncommon that it must be Divine
Tales abounded, testimonies heaped, stone upon stone
Soon her heart’s altar was ready and she decided to act on the matter

To act is to see, not to stay home to criticize and analyze
Would she neglect her kingdom for her quest to see the Gift?
What would her subjects say about her ability to prioritize?

She was resolute, though she heard the dissenting sounds of doubt’s flute
She would go and see and hear the wisdom of Solomon
She would know if the Gift was genuine, phoney or a one trick pony

It was not easy planning a journey over many months across desert sands
She could have been molested by bandits in roving bands
Or humiliated at home-a palace coup deposing the absentee queen

Yet she rode on-laden with gifts and spurred by love for truth
For she thought in heart that if this Gift was true, then her part
Would be to support it with her money and testimony

This is the condemnation-that the queen of Sheba in her day
Left her nation and royal position and became a pilgrim
Seeking through months of peril to know the truth and support it
While we stand still in worldly comforts neither seeking nor hearing
Failing to rally round the Gift in our generation

She arrived Jerusalem with many questions in her heart
To King Solomon’s court she went with a gift-laden cart
She listened with wonder-wrapped attention-awed and not bored
Nothing was hidden from him-he knew all her questions
Same Gift that Christ had-He knew the thoughts of His questioners

The wisdom of Solomon was greater than the testimonies she heard
In her kingdom before she embarked by faith on this journey of dread
Finding the Gift to be true, she gave the gifts she brought
And went home with flaming faith and richer testimony
Once she had heard but now she had seen-not the has-been truth
But the present truth, current manifestation, Gift sent to the age

With such a great royal witness against us we shall be in distress
If we disdain the Christ who is greater than Solomon
How shall we escape if we think Him unworthy and common?

Let us leave our kingdom of unbelief rooted in the dogma of false wisdom
And leap across the desert of doubt and deprivation of the Word
To meet the Gift for this generation, the Word allotted to this dispensation
And hearing, believe, and believing then support this train of salvation

3 thoughts on “Queen Of Sheba

  1. StupendousGrace November 30, 2015 / 5:21 pm

    Thank you!!! This was a very apt reminder. How we take for granted the gift of Christ, a greater than Solomon. God help us not to take the gospel of Christ for granted because of the simplicity of the access the death of Christ brings. If Sheba overcame all the hurdles simply to access Solomon’s wisdom, a greater than Solomon is here. What am I willing to give up for the wisdom and life He represents?


  2. Ola Sunday December 17, 2015 / 3:07 pm

    The queen of Sheba must have been a true seed of God. The constant news of the wisdom of Solomon getting to her was an impetus to her zeal, faith & love. She must be a witness! She welcomed the Gift; she supported It. By that she received an everlasting memorial and will at the judgment stand to condemn many. If these things are truths, and they are what will God do to reward those who have acknowledged, accepted and “supported” the greater Gift?


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