Ahab the son of Omri was wicked to the highest degree
In Israel’s chronicles there was none as bad
He was sold out to evil and sinned with unconcealed glee

His father became king after a deadly civil war
Ahab inherited the throne and proceeded to make infamy his own
His iniquity made Jeroboam’s apostasy seem like equity

Ahab’s original error that birthed future spiritual terror
Was to marry Jezebel the daughter of a proud pagan priest
He wanted to make his kingdom secure by marrying from next door
Jezebel’s people-Sidonians would be allies in war and peacetime
It made political sense but had the God of Israel incensed
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Jeroboam And Disciples


The House of David’s pain and loss was Jeroboam’s gain
The ten tribes that rebelled against rude Rehoboam
Now formed the Northern kingdom ruled by Jeroboam

God in great mercy had raised a commoner from the dust
From working at Solomon’s construction sites
To sitting on his throne where gold was as common as rust

After the partition Rehoboam still ruled over Judah and Jerusalem
Citizens of Jeroboam’s kingdom must still worship at Rehoboam’s
Offering sacrifice of consecrated animal while praying with their orifice
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Rehoboam’s Folly

Rehoboam was the son of Solomon that lost his kingdom
For his indiscretion marred the succession with rebellion
He inherited a kingdom of twelve tribes which soon shrunk to two
Because of his bravado which he mistook for derring-do

A delegation of the leaders of Israel pledged their loyalty to his royalty
They only had one request-that at their pleading behest
He would reduce the burdens his father had placed on their shoulders
The heavy taxation of Solomon had been borne with great exertion
Would Rehoboam with royal fiat reduce the burden of exaction?

Rehoboam asked for three days to reflect on the ways and means
He at first consulted his father’s advisers who counseled
To lighten the people’s yoke and stoke the fires of loyalty forever
He then made a mistake of asking youthful friends what course to take
They asked him to impose heavier levies and stiffer penalties
King’s take would increase whatever size of bread Israelites bake
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