Jeroboam And Disciples


The House of David’s pain and loss was Jeroboam’s gain
The ten tribes that rebelled against rude Rehoboam
Now formed the Northern kingdom ruled by Jeroboam

God in great mercy had raised a commoner from the dust
From working at Solomon’s construction sites
To sitting on his throne where gold was as common as rust

After the partition Rehoboam still ruled over Judah and Jerusalem
Citizens of Jeroboam’s kingdom must still worship at Rehoboam’s
Offering sacrifice of consecrated animal while praying with their orifice

Jeroboam’s great fear was that this continual drift would cause a shift
Israel’s affection for the city of David will be rekindled by visitation
Brotherhood will be revived by joint worship and fellowship
And due to greater legitimacy, the David’s house will regain supremacy
In Israelite hearts-triggering a reunification of twin territorial parts

Jeroboam’s solution is one for study and serious admonition
For it has been replicated through the ages-inspired by evil emulation
He decided to prevent the mass migration to Jerusalem
By creating his own holy cities and deities-idols to secure the throne

Denominations have partitioned the Israel of God into petty kingdoms
And to keep their subjects from migrating to the root source of truth
Which is the Word of the Lord as the apostles preached
They have set up creeds, a clerical caste and alternative holy places
A cursory perusal of church history shows this is no mystery

Jeroboam’s ploy was a success, Israel worshipped her new gods
And forsook Jerusalem and the true temple for a pair of duds
His kingdom was now secure-so he thought but alas it was not
God never forgave the apostasy and commanded a prophet to pronounce
Judgement on the house that had renounced the truth with guile
Dynastic destruction-Jeroboam’s seed would face extermination

Modern Jeroboams will be annihilated too by the Great Stone
Prophesied to come and reclaim His royal Jerusalem-Throne
No kingdom is secure that is built on the terror of not knowing more

The tribes that hosted Jeroboam’s two idols-Dan and Ephraim
Are deleted from Israel’s record when the 144,000 are redeemed
The book of Revelations shows this-their lights are deemed dimmed

Thus parallel holy cities of modern Jeroboams will be obliterated
Fire from on high consumes those who want to be the Most High
Like Dan and Ephraim, alternate holy sites are blotted out of sight
After apocalypse only the New Jerusalem would be consecrated
Jeroboams willfully forget that God’s first decision is always right

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