Ahab the son of Omri was wicked to the highest degree
In Israel’s chronicles there was none as bad
He was sold out to evil and sinned with unconcealed glee

His father became king after a deadly civil war
Ahab inherited the throne and proceeded to make infamy his own
His iniquity made Jeroboam’s apostasy seem like equity

Ahab’s original error that birthed future spiritual terror
Was to marry Jezebel the daughter of a proud pagan priest
He wanted to make his kingdom secure by marrying from next door
Jezebel’s people-Sidonians would be allies in war and peacetime
It made political sense but had the God of Israel incensed

For was it not the same God of Israel that forbade such fudged marriages?
When Israel conquered Canaan, did they need forged alliances?
Mixing clean and dirty water makes it dirty not half-clean
And an Israelite marrying a pagan is a reduction of the spiritual mean

Ahab built temples for Baal manifesting his zeal for all to see
Here idolatry was not a deed or doctrine but an institution
Idolatry was Jeroboam’s passion-now it was the only religion
This Jezebel religion crushed all opposition with persecution’s boot
Prophets and proselytes of Jehovah were now trodden underfoot

Ahab’s weakness for pagan alliances led to another tragedy
The king of Syria arrayed his army against Israel
After God granted the Israelite band victory by a mighty Hand
Ahab lost the peace and let off those God marked for destruction
A miserable accord was his price for sparing the captured
And with that his last blooming hope for mercy was punctured

Ahab coveted the vineyard of neighbourly Naboth
Naboth would not sell for any price and so it did not end well
Ahab morose at rejection received bad advice from his prompter
Jezebel the tempter baited him-was he not the absolute ruler?
Why should an honest peasant deny the king pleasant land?

Jezebel solved the problem by arranging Naboth’s assassination
Thus Ahab killed and added a vineyard to his possession
It was his last victory, the last flicker of murderous fire
That drew the final hammer of God’s judgemental ire

For on the very spot where dogs had licked Naboth’s innocent blood
Ahab’s was too after he had come from battle wounded and blue
For Naboth’s death, God had decreed the destruction of his house
Since he had murdered-Ahab and all the sons Jezebel mothered
Were to be extinguished like a weak flame by the fan of God’s wrath

To disbelieve is toxic enough when walking alone
But the power of unbelief and evil it can conjure by the hour
Is compounded when you are yoked to evil in a duopoly
A fallen believer may recover if he can his faith rediscover
Except if like Ahab he has a tempter as his primary prompter

3 thoughts on “Ahab

  1. frank michael January 2, 2016 / 6:21 pm

    May God bless you, more grace to your able,however this is reviving .


  2. anafricandiva January 3, 2016 / 3:20 pm

    I enjoyed this! And it is true, just as iron sharpens iron so the seductiveness of sin and unbelief is compounded when one has a partner on that path. God help us.


  3. Ola Sunday January 13, 2016 / 4:06 pm

    A great post! Ahab’s story is full of lessons for those who care to know. Ahab could have been a believer; he could have been a reference point, a good example of kings who reigned in righteousness. He could have even made Elijah the prophet his friend or consultant. But the decisions and choices he made were the bedrock of his failures and ruination. To me the greatest mistake he made was the decision to marry jezebel. Ahab was the king but behind Ahab was the evil genius who at the background was the actual ruler.


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