Jezebel was a princess from the pagan land of Sidon
Probably a priestess as she was the daughter of Baal’s High Priest
In the spirit of a political alliance Israel’s church married Pagan State
After that date, Israel’s fate was sealed-her doom did not come late

Jezebel is more than a woman, it is a spirit at work through the ages
For the Jezebel metaphor pops up in Revelation too
Same spirit is at work in the New Testament church seducing sages

She came into Israel via union of pagan state with the elect people
For Ahab as an Israelite was elect even in his fallen estate
His marriage to Jezebel was a forerunner of the union
The merger of Christian church with pagan State

Israel was God’s elect in the old Testament
She was called-out and chosen alone among the nations
So the Gentile church is in the New testament-chosen from many nations

Once Jezebel became queen with authority and power
She imposed her pagan gods and feasts on the people of the hour
To disobey was death-in her eyes no nay-sayer was worthy of breath

Now wear your thinking cap and see if John’s prophecy in Revelations
Was not fulfilled to the letter in Gentile church history
Jezebel spirit came in via union of Gentile church and Pagan state
And proceeded to crush all opposition and dissent
For Jezebel in all her manifestations is a dominating female

Old Testament Jezebel brought the worship of Baal with all its trappings
And so when you see pagan feasts take centre-stage in church
Know that the same spirit of Jezebel has led you into a spiritual lurch

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy
But John tells us the Jezebel of now is a false prophetess
Because she speaks not of the Word but of pagan fables
Her spiritual food is served on contaminated tables

Ahab’s Jezebel led Israel into monstrous idolatry
Modern one does same-leading her children to spiritual adultery
Making those nominally betrothed to Christ to flirt with false doctrines
The lack of chastity and faithfulness to the Word is spiritual harlotry

Jezebel had her chances to make amends and avoid her painful end
She should have heeded the prophets but she preferred puppets
So she killed them all for their defiance and left nothing to chance
Her last chance was Elijah, but she refused to heed the prophet of Fire

The modern Jezebel too has had prophets and reformers all protesting
But like her predecessor she put the preachers of the Word to the sword
And just like in the Old Testament her last prophet is Elijah
Prophesied to come according to Malachi’s Fourth chapter
God has given her plenty time and space to do an about-face
She spurns it-spurring the soon coming judgement of hereafter

Just before her execution by Jehu who was the tool of God’s indignation
Jezebel painted her face hoping by colours to ward off coming horrors
The gambit failed for she was killed and dogs ate her flesh
Just as her last prophet-the despised Elijah had prophesied

The modern Jezebel does same for her beauty reeks of artificiality
But the spur for more superficial glory is judgement’s sounding siren
She was so gorgeous that John the Revelator wondered
At her beauty, power and glory-yet that was not half of her story

Church is a woman and a woman typifies the Church
And what happens in the spiritual reflects the trends in the natural
And the current paradise of cosmetic and aesthetic superfluity is a warning
Bell that tolls for the judgment of the woman John saw in Revelations

Jesus is the Jehu of the New Testament for Jehovah is He
Soon He shall come for judgement with one foot on land and sea
Flee the Jezebel religion while you can and join Elijah on his lonely lea

2 thoughts on “Jezebel

  1. Ola Sunday January 28, 2016 / 7:35 am

    Truth! Just as the dogs ate the flesh of Jezebel according to the word of God, so will the ten horns eat up the flesh of Jezebel of our day, by the same Word of God.


  2. femimath February 20, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Hey,this is superb!i concur 100%.Amem


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