Elijah’s Vindication

Elijah stormed out of the wilderness one sunny day
When Israel had abandoned their God and lost their way
He was the prophet of the day but no one knew his credentials
He belonged to no pool of prophets or school of theology

What makes the study of Elijah so important?
Frequency it is-for God used the Spirit of Elijah five times
In the Scriptures, four already past and one to come in the future
Same Spirit produces same characteristics and nay-saying critics
Each time and so in every land or clime Elijah comes
He is identified by the elect and villified by an unbelieving hordes

Elijah was a rugged man of the wilderness outdoors
From thence he came with a resounding ‘Thus saith the Lord’
For a famine in Israel that would not abate until he gave the Word

God took care of His obedient prophet of doom
For a people enthralled by Jezebel religion only deserve gloom
God prepared a table for him by a water brook
Ravens fed him bread and meat-God was the cook
He took fresh water from the brook-a balanced diet by the book

If in time of judgement-induced famine preceded by prophecy
God took care of Elijah who neither toiled or spun
Will He not in these last days of Judgement’s dreary eve
Feed His children at the setting of civilisation’s sinking sun?
An end proclaimed by prophecy in Matthew twenty four and many more?
Fear ye not for like Elijah your provision is recession proof

When the brook dried up God sent him to a destitute widow
Who had only a last meal for herself and only son
After that her course was run, she and her son would be undone

Despite that Elijah asked to be served first and it was a test case
For he that puts God first in penury and peril will be rewarded by plenty
If she was faithless she would have demurred and ignored the promise
That followed her sacrifice and by selfish artifice eaten her one meal
Not so-she gave her last meal and God kept His side of the deal
Her flour and oil never finished while her nation was famished in famine

When the allotted time of the famine was done
God sent Elijah to call a showdown with Baal prophets on Mount Carmel
Elijah was outnumbered by several hundreds to one
Both camps would offer a sacrifice and the one whose God sent fire
To consume the offering would be vindicated as serving the true God

Elijah, knowing the Word asked Baal’s prophets to go first
For he was waiting for the time of the evening oblation
So he waited while they prayed, chanted, cut, bled and doubted
Their god was strangely silent as they whipped in violent frenzy

As the sun set on their fading hopes in a vain deity
Elijah stepped up for the manifestation of Divine reality
He asked for water to be poured around the altar
Knowing the Word-that the sacrifice must be washed
And to prove the burning of a drenched altar is a supernatural matter

His altar had stones-twelve the number of worship and consecration
Having done all by the Word, the Lord concurred and sent down fire
He vindicated Himself and Baal’s prophets now felt Israel’s deadly ire
Today’s Jezebel preachers will face consequences ust as dire

Every man’s work will be tested and a showdown looms
When the Spirit will judge not by popular appeal or State’s seal
But by the prophesied and allotted Word of the Lord
Whatever you do, with many or few, be like Elijah and stay with the Word

One thought on “Elijah’s Vindication

  1. Ola Sunday January 28, 2016 / 12:21 pm

    Comforting & reassuring


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