Elijah: A Type Of The Church

After Elijah’s Mount Carmel victory and vindication
Jezebel fumed at the decapitation of Baal’s religion
For the cream of the Baal’s prophets had been decimated
Thus the prophet of the age was now a target of her retaliatory rage

Elijah fled for her threat-it was a curious life that he led
He that showed boundless courage in killing proponents of Baal’s image
Now took flight in fright from this queen of pagan parentage
A lesson on anointing’s effects-under its blessing the prophet was bold
Without it his fiery heart became cowardly and cold

God never forgot His servant as he fled to the safety of obscurity
In the solitary wilderness angels brought relief supplies
Elijah was depressed thinking he was alone resisting the pagan throne
Not so there were seven thousand knees that were godly to the bone

God will always have a remnant though they may be insignificant
Not every knee will bow to the dominant vices of the age
Today too, Elijah has a few still sitting in the prophet’s pew

Though he was in depression’s cave he could decode Divine transmission
The wind whirled, the earth quaked, fire flamed, Elijah was unmoved
Till he heard the still small voice of God’s command

O if we could only sift out the Word from the earth-shifting campaigns
From the whirlwind of motivational speakers and miracle workers
And the glowing rhetoric that masks the cold lucre of Laodicea’s leaven

Ahaziah, king of Israel fell ill and he sent emissaries to know Baal’s will
He wanted to discover if he would recover from his sickness
That was his death-knell, God decreed he would never get well
For ignoring God’s prophet and consulting man-made puppet

If a church in need of succour or a healthy dose of revival’s vigour
Seeks help from the idols of entertainment and Pagan pastimes
Be not surprised for it speaks of denouement, a sign of the times

At the end of his ministry God took Elijah to his heavenly home
By chariots of Fire he was raptured before death could retire him
He is a type of the last day raptured church
And such that belong to that glorious bunch believe as much
Like him-they are resilient, militant and ultimately triumphant
Few and far between, they can be seen like oases in this Word-deserted scene

One thought on “Elijah: A Type Of The Church

  1. anafricandiva February 1, 2016 / 11:29 am

    This is so powerful! May I be ready when the chariot swings low to carry me home! Oh may I then in Him be found, clothed in His righteousness and nothing of mine.

    Speaking of the anointing, does it ever leave the new testament believer as it did the old?

    “A lesson on anointing’s effects-under its blessing the prophet was bold
    Without it his fiery heart became cowardly and cold”

    How can we ensure we stay under its blessing all the time?


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