Now Micaiah the son of Imlah is a prophet to remember
For his stand was true and brave when sin was the rave
And the consequence of integrity could be an early grave

Syrians had occupied Israelite territory due to a previous defeat
Ahab wanted to recapture it-a legitimate desire for a noble feat
The king of Judah, upright Jehoshaphat agreed it was a right
Use of collective Israelite might to fight for the land of promise

Before battle both kings wanted a sign of Divine inclination
So Ahab summoned his prophets-four hundred clergy
Who without knowing or showing read his premature elegy
‘Go and prosper’ was the chant heralding mortality’s victory

Jehoshaphat was uneasy and his spiritual antenna was queasy
Was there not another prophet in the land apart from this united band?
Ahab said there was but he disliked him for disobeying God’s laws
Thus he always prophesied horrors for Israel which made Ahab terrified
Jehoshaphat still insisted that Micaiah be sought and brought

Why did four hundred trained prophets simultaneously err?
Why did their inspiration’s channel only contain bombastic air?
It was the case because Ahab had to fall in battle to fulfill the Word
Previously prophesied by Elijah the puritanical prophet
To die in battle, Ahab had to choose to fight and then lose
God permitted a lying spirit to anoint the prophets and lead them by the nose

On his way Micaiah was asked by emissaries of the ministerial association
Whether he would mindlessly concur with their prophetic direction
He demurred saying he would speak according to the Divine unction

After his ‘Go and prosper’ teaser which neither he nor Ahab believed
Micaiah delivered a chilling prophecy devoid of mercy
He saw Israel discomfited in battle with her leadership decapitated
All will be lost and Israel’s host would bid the battlefield a sad farewell

The head of the ministerial association could not tolerate dissension
Who was this unruly Micaiah who had the rare gall and gumption
To challenge the ecumenical communique inspired by divine vision?
Zedekiah thundered Micaiah’s cheek with a terrific slap
When he asked, did the spirit of God pass from him to this unknown chap?

Zedekiah was partly right-a spirit inspired his prophecy of victorious might
Yet it was not according to the Word as enunciated by God in prior prophecy
Therefore it was from a spirit of delusion whose intent was destruction

Micaiah knew he was correct for his prophecy was not new
But it was a reaffirmation of the Word previously spoken by the Lord
Ahab and the institutions of Jezebel’s religion would face utter destruction

The second chapter of second Thessalonians speaks of another delusion
That shall come in the last days to a people of Laodicean ways
They would be dammed by believing an anointed lie
And a majority of humanity would be swayed by a message of prosperity
Within and peace without-hordes sincerely thinking God is speaking

He is-but by the Word of the Elijah of this day
The minority with the spirit of Micaiah will gladly stand with it
God will not bless Laodicea no matter what motivational speakers spout
She may have her inspiration but shortly she will face a rout
Be a Micaiah, stay with the revealed Word for all else is dud

One thought on “Micaiah

  1. anafricandiva February 6, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    I loved this! It put me in mind of something Charlotte Bronte said in her preface to the second edition of her novel Jane Eyre: “Ahab did not like Micaiah, because he never prophesied good concerning him, but evil; probably he liked the sycophant son of Chenaannah better; yet might Ahab have escaped a bloody death, had he but stopped his ears to flattery, and opened them to faithful counsel.” May God deliver us in these latter days!


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