Jehoshaphat:Godly Compromiser


This man was a righteous king of the land of Judah
His life yields valuable lessons of the blessings of heeding

God’s Word and the dangers of meddling and dabbling with the world


Jehoshaphat started his reign well-so the Scriptural chronicles tell
He walked in the path of his ancestor David whose heart

Was fixed on the Divine throughout with stout and unflagging loyalty


Because he walked with the Word, Jehoshaphat was blessed of the Lord
He had peace on every side for the countries beside made no trouble
Instead they paid tribute with presents and loyal sentiments 
Jehoshaphat built cities, fortifications and institutions

His pomp, power and prestige grew by leaps and bounds


Within Judah, he fought idolatry, he destroyed the high places of vanity 
His kingdom was to be a nation of one true religion 
Not a multi-coloured rainbow of an ecumenical coalition

Outside of his kingdom he was hesitant instead of being militant 
He loved Ahab to a fault and aligned himself to that idolatrous king 
Which was surprising for he knew better for even the letter of God’s law

Was clear on the matter-no friendship with an Israelite idolater


He followed Ahab to that fateful battle for Ramoth-Gilead
Against his better judgment for he heard the prophet’s dissent
Jehoshaphat sought the prophet’s opinion-but still followed Ahab’s coalition 
Ahab deceived him-advising him to wear robes of royalty 
While he wore the raiment of a mere soldier in the regiment

This was nearly fatal for the Syrian archers clearly saw him as the king 
And aimed for the kill-chasing till Jehoshaphat prayed to God for help

And He, rich in mercy turned away the pursuing soldiers of the fray


Ahab was killed despite his desultory disguise and Jehoshaphat returned unhurt
Jehu a prophet of Judah advised the king of God’s displeasure

A man of Jehoshaphat’s godly stature should have taken a corrective measure


Yet he made the same mistake again-this time hunting for treasure
He joined Ahaziah, Ahab’s son in an expedition to obtain gold
A alliance with an evil kingdom and a tale twice told

God was angry with him-his ships were destroyed for being alloyed


Yet this was not the worst effect of his alliance with the ungodly Ahab 
Though he nearly, needlessly lost his life in thankless strife
Though he lost a significant portion of the merchant navy of his nation

Yet all these pale beside this legacy of apostasy in posterity


Because Jehoshaphat was not militant against the evils of Israel 
Because he taught that brotherhood should transcend the pagan divide

His son married Ahab’s daughter and did not reign righteously like his father


Jehoshaphat for all his failings kept his internal kingdom in order
Like a church that preaches the true Word to those within her shelter
But outside his kingdom, for friendship and popularity’s sake
He was an ally of a pagan nation which he should have abhorred

The rot and spiritual ruin thus came to the palace to roost
Jezebel’s daughter and Baal’s altar became Jehoshaphat’s testament 
This once-harmless little leaven leavened the entire lump

A lesson for the elect to think on and reflect 
Never be a compromiser with the system that God has cursed
For a compromise in your generation may be apostasy in the next
The seeds of weeds grow fast and flourish without much care
So you that would form a religious alliance with Ahab-beware!  

One thought on “Jehoshaphat:Godly Compromiser

  1. Ola Sunday February 25, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    Were it not that Jehoshaphat was successful in maintaining the godly and righteousness order in Judah, perhaps one could have been right to assume that he was bewitched! But that was not the case. He knew what he was doing. It was pure compromise; it was his weak point; it was unfortunate that despite God’s corrective measures he failed to get corrected.


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