One day a man was ploughing with twelve oxen
Little did he know that he was marked and chosen
To continue Elijah’s commission and harvest his portion

God sent the prophet to touch his pupil with his mantle
That was the call, too simple to survive tough analysis
Yet to heed it will precipitate a family crisis

Elisha paused, asked for time to tidy tenuous affairs
Elijah was nonplussed at the confusion he caused
Elisha must decide, he alone would choose his side
Spurred by unction, he decided to immediately shelve
His agrarian plans by killing the yoked oxen-all twelve

So the christian journey begins with a call to sacrifice
And a total separation inspired by divine action
Only those who sell out without any doubt are worthy
And God’s mantle falls only on those willing to dismantle

Elisha inherited a double portion of Elijah’s spirit
But only after he followed the prophet beyond Jordan
Persistence took him past the perils of stopping at Gilgal
Bethel suited some well, but he was not to dwell
On he went, following the man God had sent

There were sons of the prophets idly standing by
Well-meaning, leaning to the prophetic by study and discipline
They were to not succeed Elijah for God pays no heed to groupthink

Elisha saw the prophet go, after the chariots had swooped low
Elijah went up, the mantle came down with anointing’s crown
Elisha was now the prophet of the age, a sage on his stage

The school of prophets who had teased and taunted
Who now saw that he was the prophet that God anointed
Then pledged their fealty to the Divine fait accompli

Not for long as theological logic reared it’s head
Elijah they said must have been parachuted
Into a dry and dreary desert, perhaps he had fallen off the chariot
Laugh not-for such is the product of imaginations running riot

These students of the prophets’ were wise in letters
But were totally confounded by the supernatural
So it is today-knowledge without revelation
Produces a faith-plant soon blighted by birds of devouring reason

They wanted a search party for the missing prophet
Elisha rejected it trusting the promise of the God he had just met
Under pressure he agreed to let them search for the missing treasure
After days of futility they accepted the finality of Elijah’s Rapture

Not long after, now moving with Elisha as their spiritual father
One of their company in a bid to gather good food
Brought in a wild weed that sneaked into the pot of meal
This deadly weed meant the meal was now poison feed

They cried to Elisha for death now reigned in the pot
To starve or eat and die was to be the upshot
Elisha reacted on the spot, sprinkled meal flour in the pot
The poison was paralyzed by a potion of prophetic meal

So not by zeal or will of man is the church fed
Not by theological hunter-gatherers who are by logic led
Not by reasonable sounding, green-looking creeds
But by the spiritual Word-meal that comes from a prophet

Same spirit that was in Elijah and Elisha is promised again
In the last days to revive the church and end poison’s reign
For it is time to purge the pot of gathered weeds-nay creeds


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