Uzziah’s Moment

This tale of Uzziah is a cautionary tale
It tells of ego inflation and destiny deflation
And that pride’s trajectory often lands in crash territory

Uzziah was a blessed from birth-he was born a prince
To a godly, royal father who taught him not to wander
From God’s way never to depart but to serve with his heart

Uzziah was a blessed teenager too for he was King at sixteen
Not for him the vile symptoms of juvenile delinquency
Instead absolute authority and royal responsibility was his

The early training of this wise, young man soon bore fruit
He was discreet in national affairs and harked to his godly roots
In his royal councils, prophetic counsel was prized
For he respected the spiritual insights of Zechariah
A man with divine commission and the gift of godly visions

If in your meteoric rise, you do not lose sight of the real prize
And keep your eyes peeled watching the Word-prophet
You will forever fly, never to land with a loud thud or sad sigh
The Word is the Control Tower-listen to it every hour

Uzziah recovered lands lost in waning days of his father
But he did much than restore, he acquired more
He built a massive military with impressive artillery for attack
Neighbouring nations were fearful and became loyal tributaries
Judah’s new might made them sign subservient treaties

Uzziah prospered greatly, he made the desert bloom
By irrigation he conquered nature and made it green pasture
Cue for a vast growth in flocks and herds-an agricultural boom

With economic prosperity and regional supremacy
Came fame, within and without people were in awe
Uzziah was a model whose life inspired emulation’s desire

One day the rising fumes of burning pride
Clogged his brain-depriving it of wisdom’s oxygen
He decided to overreach and step into the breach
Between God and man and officiate as priest

Into the temple he went and seized the golden censer
The presiding priests were aghast, alas what was Uzziah doing?
They pleaded for an end to his utterly mindlessly usurpation
For he was a king and not a priest by occupation

Uzziah was angry at being corrected in God’s temple
And so from his temple leprosy spread to his feet
Judgement had struck in the temple and at his temple
Pride is a sin of the mind and is often punished in kind

This great Uzziah became a sorry, royal leper
He that wanted to officiate as a priest without being one
Soon became a kingdom’s head without being one
He was banished as prescribed by law to a leper’s colony
For the rest of his life and his reign ended in ignominy
He was a living king yet his son ruled in all but name

Mental pride means spiritual slide and here ‘tall’ means ‘fall’
Let success be your portent-avoid having an Uzziah moment

One thought on “Uzziah’s Moment

  1. Ola Sunday April 5, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    Truth! God is no respecter of persons. It is the Word or nothing. God forever watches over the Word. He remains the Word. Add not to It; subtract not from It.


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