Isaiah: The Year Uzziah Died


Isaiah was a prophet that lived in the days of Uzziah
His life and ministry was long-it spanned the reign of four kings
Uzziah was the king in his youth and so was Hezekiah in his dotage

Uzziah’s faithfulness and fame was a great example to Isaiah
This king was a role model, a man blessed as far as one could tell
Isaiah loved him for his godly stand and was welcomed by the royal band

For what godly king would not honor an earnest, young prophet?
Which prophet would detest a court which never treated him as a puppet?
None for both, but soon a crisis was to rock this smooth-sailing boat

Isaiah was shocked by Uzziah’s usurping priestly misadventure
And as his mentor pined away in loneliness of leprous torpor
Isaiah wondered how this could be and his faith was now at sea

Isaiah’s human anchor had failed, and he was floundering
He had to seek answers or soon he would be drowning
His mind was filled with gloom and foreboding of impending doom

Then He saw the Lord, sitting on His throne surrounded by His train
Then he saw the King who should be his focal point in sunshine or rain
He that desired to be like Uzziah had now seen the true Messiah

Isaiah now felt unworthy, he was a stalwart of the king’s court
But not this King-even the angels were unworthy to behold Him
It was plain that he was not worthy to be part of this divine train

Until the Seraphim took a coal of Fire from the altar and touched him
Now he was purified and cleansed by a fire that would never go dim
Human light may twinkle then fade but God’s is fueled by eternal might

Be not influenced by great men however good they may be
For the greatest men can fail and fall into the traps of the spiritually frail
Let Christ be your guiding Light, He is the Word, just follow His trail

Isaiah thus inspired, went on to write the entire Bible
For his book of prophecy spans sixty-six chapters
And the Bible has sixty-six books penned by prophecy

Not by count only but by substance too, for Isaiah wrote about
The span from Creation’s dawn till the rising of Eternity’s Sun
He also wrote salvation’s plan from the Messianic Man to the millennial reign

He that will speak for God today was be must purged in the same way
By the Fire from God’s altar that will sever him from the worldly sceptre
And be consecrated to Christ alone, not to the influence of another
Though he may a great, wonderful, royal and righteous brother

Then as Isaiah wrote a microcosm of the entire written Word
You will be a living, mobile edition of the entire revealed Word

One thought on “Isaiah: The Year Uzziah Died

  1. Ola Sunday April 8, 2016 / 10:24 pm

    The Psalmist say verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. When you consider the greatness of God, you are bound to declare, like David: “…What is man that you are mindful of him, or the son of man that thou visited him?” Who can approach unto Him by his merits? I believe with you that whoever will be a faithful mouthpiece of God must first pass through God’s refining Fire. There’s no substitute.


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